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Proud Earthling

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Regional Rail Express - 51: Rába III/Venezia IV (50 p.)

January 28 2015

We are visiting the Csorna - Porpác line, GySEV 1446 514 (former ÖBB 5147.005) as Sz 39814 had taken me to Vica halt at 3:10 p.m.

My reason for coming here: IC 913 "Isis" Szombathely - Budapest-Keleti. The Catholic church of Beled in the background.

A DB Cargo Hungaria 469 1xx (German class V 90) passed by hauling local freight towards Csorna.


IC 924 "Alpokalja" Budapest - Szombathely, the Protestant church of Vadosfa in the background.


It would have been a nice good-bye picture for the Ludmilla, but diesel operation continued into September.

247 506 (former ÖBB 5047.044) as Sz 39824 exactly at sunset.

I warmed up at the only express stop of the line - Répcelak - and took Sz 39811 homewards.

IC 923 "Borostyánkő" had followed us to Csorna slightly delayed. IC 316 "Rába" Budapest - Graz arrived at the same time, already in darkness during winter months.

July 13 2018

I decided on a sunset-sunrise session at Komárom on a nice Friday summer evening.
More pictures from this excursion can be found here:

Regional Rail Express - 8: Debrecen (50 p.)

M62 311 plus GySEV Schlieren cars waiting for departure to Szombathely at Győr.

The sun came out along the Danube river shore at Komárom. I expected IC 318 "Rába" to Graz at 7:19 p.m.
Meanwhile, a biplane was spraying something - luckily only on the other side of the tracks.

DB 469 116 (former 290 562) on switching duty at the yard.

Last glimpse of the sun at 8:44 p.m. with IC 911 "Claudius" from Szombathely.

I walked to a nearby hotel for a short night's sleep.

July 14 2018

Former Romanian and German engines back at the freight yard already at 4:55 a.m.

Sz 32919 departed to Esztergom in first sunlight at 5:18 a.m., it was about to return via Komárom to Székesfehérvár.
More photos from this diesel line (in German, sadly all English versions of slightly older reports are currently unavailable, please use browser auto translate in the meantime):

To Lake Balaton 1/2 (50 p.)



The early mood reminded me of Indian riverside mornings.

View across the Danube to the freight yard of Komárno port in Slovakia.

The boxy six-axled class V63 also reminds me of India...

IC 949 "Arrabona" Győr - Budapest-Keleti rushed past at 6:43 a.m.

The bank reinforcements had been renewed after the floods of 2013.
Express diversions from back then can be found here (in German):

Maiwetter 2013 östlich Wiens 2/2 (50 B.)


IC 917 "Alpokalja" from Szombathely, for me currently the most striking loco hauled train livery combination.

IC 317 "Rába" Graz - Budapest arrived, view from a pedestrian bridge across the station. The Danube railroad bridge into Slovakia can be spotted in the background.




I returned home stopping at Győr-Gyárváros. Nicely painted 431 285 hauled non-Audi cars past the Audi factory.

Local train 9214 to Celldömölk on the line via Pápa.

Loco hauled Sz 9215 took me to the main station, sadly that era is almost over on this line.

Reminiscing older times (in German):

Dieselherbst im Pápaparadies (50 B. + 45 Min. V.)


April 22 2015

A spring excursion took me to Komárom, more from that day (in German):

Magyarischer Osten '03-'16 - 7: Durch die Puszta nach Tschop (50 B.)

IC 317 "Rába - Soproni Közgáz (economic university)" arrived combined from Sopron and Graz.

IC 924 "Alpokalja - Kékfrankos" to Szombathely and Sopron hauled by 630 028 at the known Szár cutting.

We have reached (Budapest) Kelenföld by IC 925 "Szent Márton" from Szombathely on June 30 2019.

June 29 2018

Arrival at the domain of class V43 electrics with S 18403 "Déli-Parti" Balatonszentgyörgy - Budapest-Déli (southern terminal).

I was celebrating a "Déli-Parti" with S 18708 towards Fonyód to my hotel at Székesfehérvár. In front of the old Kelenföld station building which does not feature any platform anymore.

July 14 2019

I had stayed at a hotel near Kelenföld station before attending a Balaton retro weekend and was welcomed by V43 1001 hauling an empty express stock to Déli pályaudvar at 4 a.m.



Sz 18510 Budapest-Déli - Nagykanizsa took me to Székesfehérvár at 4:12 a.m.

So you don't think it is monotonous there...

... on the contrary, Kelenföld perhaps offers the largest variety of engines in Europe, on March 24 2019.

July 14 2019

Even the old station features a waiting room, although most passenger only use the new pedestrian tunnels to the subway.
MÁV 480 006 "Szent Márton" in the background.

I checked out the streetcars - Budapest city specials will follow - , as the empty consist of Gy 1246 "Istria" passed by towards Déli.

And returned one hour later, during 2019 at the rear of Sz 9008 Budapest-Déli – Celldömölk to Boba:

We already have seen a pic of "Istria" here:

Regional Rail Express - 15: Adria, Istria I, Bosnia & Herzegovina (50 p.)


I departed from Budapest-Keleti (Eastern terminal) on board its sleeping car on August 6 2018. In 2018, it also took a more interesting route through Hungary - that's why we are here. Both featured trains of this part.

July 13 2019

I visited Keleti in the evening.

Gy 1204 "Adria" to Split ready for departure at 6:55 p.m. to the left, IC 318 "Rába" at 6:10 to the right.


We say good-bye to "Rába" and will continue towards Lake Balaton.
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