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Diesel Dorph

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Hello to all in the forum. I would like to pose a question to any and all who can answer. Does anyone know if Progress has plans to test a tier 4 complient 265 H prime mover. I am aware they have plans for a high speed engine to aply to a passeger locomotive and that they are testing this prime mover in a heavy freight unit but I am unable to find any info about the 12 cylinder 265 H. The 265 is a low speed engine and sketchy information has it they are testing it in a former UP SD 90 but I have not been able to confirm this by written article or photo.
It is unclear what Progress is up to with their Tier 4 strategy. The passenger unit is planned to have urea after treatment, I believe, and they produced a freight unit also with urea after treatment. However, the freight railroads have pretty much said they're not interested in anything requiring expensive urea infrastructure. For a while it looked like they were going to put their money into doing a dual fuel (natural gas and diesel) as a way to meet Tier 4, but I haven't seen much on that lately. A few months ago they were quoted as saying they weren't going to start on testing a Tier 4 unit until 2017 because they didn't think the market was there.
So, who knows? As the saying goes, "Those who know won't say, and those who say don't know."
In my limited opinion I think what Progress should be concentrating their efforts on is clean four stroke. Not just clean four stroke but low speed clean four stroke. High speed prime movers are tinkery engines to keep in service. The railroad I work for used high speed(high speed being 1800 rpm) prime movers in three units and they were unforgiving when maintanence was differed for any reason. The two stroke prime mover we are use to looking after allow for differed maintanence without catastrophic failure. After treat is also not the way to go because smaller railways cannot afford to set up infrastructure to accommodate support for after treat. This holds true for duel fuel as well such as natural gas/diesel. So in my opinion clean slow speed(1000-1100 rpm) four stroke is where they should explore.
Per Trains Magazine, EMD plans on having test units out by 2017, at the latest...until then, the ECO rebuild programs will be the only "new" diesels coming out, with the exception of the urea-treated F125s.
I have seen this video. What has happened to these units since the expo. I saw online they where in helper service in Utah or California somewhere. Any idea how they are doing?

It is pretty clear I was not sure Progress had anything in mind to take on GE but they surprised. The T4's are testing on CSX last I heard, but has anyone heard how they are doing? Are they working well. Do they pull well and are they reliable? Are they planning production? Word up anyone?

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