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NCRY or the Pacific Locomotive Association (PLA) owns the ONLY Krauss-Maffei there is left in the world. There were only 15 of these German built engines in the entire world......

Niles Canyon Railway is located in Sunol, California and is an all volunteer organization that leases land from Alameda County (near San Francisco, CA).

Come visit us at

and here to donate to keep up with the work already being done to complete her so she will operate fully once again....

DONATE here please note on any checks "Donate to SP 9010 "

I am a volunteer at NCRY and would like to present to rail fans all over the world what a special engine she is!

Her facebook page

Her web page make sure to check her Old pictures out versus her new ones!

Her stats from her page....

Builder Krauss-Maffei Munchen (Munich, West Germany)
Model ML4000C'C'
Builders Number 19106
Date Built March, 1964
Cost New $492,403.00
Retired 9/18/1968 on account of #9 piston and liner damage.
Original Number 9010 (1964 to 1965) (SP class DF-801)
Final Number 9113 (System Renumbering in 1965, changed to SP class KF636-1)
Engine (2) Maybach MD870
Horsepower 2000 @ 1600rpm (each engine)
Transmission (2) Voith L830rU (with hydrodynamic brake capability)
Weight 344,000 pounds in working order.
Length 67' 7 5/8"
Height 15' 9 3/4"
Width 10' 11 1/16"
Fuel Capacity 4200 Gallons


One day at NCRY's yard "Brightside" I wandered into the Car Barn. I had heard of this special locomotive that the PLA (Pacific Locomotive Association) has and wanted to see if the group working on it needed any help. I figured this older gentleman who worked on the engine was so busy with the 9010 (I read the web page information on her) that he would need some helpers.

On Halloween 2017, I arrived at the yard and the Southern Pacific 9010 was outside the car barn and plugged in (to warm up the engine oil) to be started up and let her engine run.

I climbed up onto the locomotive and watched the engine start (BOY! Is she LOUD and proud!) with all of the work already accomplished by Howard, Bill and numerous other volunteers I was lucky enough to not only see her start, run but MOVE under her own power! She actually pulled the other locomotive that had pulled her outside of the barn (there are no ventilation systems installed in the car barn).

SP 9010 lives on this track inside the car barn.

Here she is moving under her own power for the first time.

You can see the operator inside the cab.


Here comes the locomotive under her own power towards the car barn. The 9010 must stay inside the yard until a new parking brake is manufactured and installed (by Bill the machinist and Howard the installer).


Crowds were kept down to a minimum for the movement.

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I asked if I could come up and was told "Sure". Now , I have stood on the outside of locomotives before but NEVER one so tall. Here are some pictures of the 9010 as I start to tour the entire locomotive.



Those special ones who actually get to put a hand on the throttle. One is the man who dealt with the California State Railroad Museum to get the SP 9010 into the PLA hands. There is a gentleman who in his real life is the operator of the High Speed Rail in Germany where he is the train driver and operates at speeds in excess of 200 MPH.

The electrical panel is being worked on by Howard and functions but more work is needed.

The side windows are not installed so that the seats can come through the window and the new flooring can be installed at a later date.



After bringing the 9010 out she was pushed back inside via the GP9 SP 5623. If the 9010 entered the car barn under her own power we would not be able to breathe through the exhaust due to no ventilation system for running engines inside.



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Nice series, glad to see how well she’s coming along! The next time you see Howard, tell him I said hello.


SP 9010's next door neighbor the Western Pacific locomotive is inside the car shop and going to be painted (she was last painted in 1978). The 9010 was pulled out to avoid any over-spray landing on her.

These "THE" letters are to size and place correctly the name of the SOUTHERN onto the side.





After asking a few times Howard acquiesced to my request to work on the SP 9010. I had two of the three most important things going for me. 1. Energy and 2. Willingness the third being money which is always needed for a restoration of this caliber (The 9010 's work is done by donations given directly to the Krauss-Maffei SP 9010

Donate via this link here I can assure you that the money goes directly to the SP 9010 and is greatly appreciated and needed. Keep us working to get her running fully! Thank You!

I have gone through Howard's needle gun and recently purchased an air hammer to chisel off the insulation covering the radiator doors (pics later) so any donation really does return right back to this locomotive. Make sure to designate SP 9010 on your check or paypal donation thanks!

Howard underneath where the Number 1 transmission would go if there was a transmission there. It is not available anywhere ill not be replaced


Howard's 15 year old needle gun worn out from so much use.




There are two places the radiators went (when she was built in 1964) each radiator hood holds 36 radiators in two separate radiator hoods for a total of 72 radiators. Due to the issues of not having a second running engine and not having 72 radiators (each radiator costs $1,245.00 times 36) the decision to have 36 radiators made was cleared and purchase orders written.



Here are the original 6 radiators. These were inside the radiator hood when the 9010 arrived at Brightside the radiators had been stolen by various people to take out the copper metal inside the radiator cores.

Do you know what this metal item attached to the radiators is? What does it do and why is it in place....

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Krauss-Maffei truck. A volunteer found this truck in Great Britain and it was purchased by the donations for the SP 9010 (Any donation is going right back into the repair/rebuild/ restructuring of the 9010.

What it looks like ......the one truck under the Krauss-Maffei does not have all of these parts as they were tossed out by the SP before the 9010 came to NCRY. All the information you can desire to read is listed efficiently on the special KM web page.

Here .....



Howard has several projects that needed to be started or restarted on the 9010. Many of you might have worked on cars and trucks, changing shocks and springs...

After 50 plus years of work and sitting outside there is a high amount of accumulated dirt, grease and gunk built up in the housings.

Needle gun is the tool of choice to clean off the dirt in these crevices and areas that collected dirt and grease.



Orchard Supply Hardware the local Bay Area hardware store started many, many years ago does a train calendar. With a purchase you can receive a train calendar.

August 2018



36 radiators fit into hood number 1 (well 36 more would have originally been in hood #2 but none are going into that area any longer).

The SP9010 radiators are made by Centerville Radiator of Fremont, CA

Radiators are built off site and Rich A, picks them up, Usually two per week (or so) are completed. They are brought in and set down on saw horses where the radiators are spray painted black, After drying they are inserted in the number one hood. There is an order of what radiator goes in due to edges of sides of the frame.

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