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Hello, everyone!
Here, I will be posting a number of my own photographs, that show the engines, rolling stock, structures, and activities involved in the workings of CN rail in the small town of Whitecourt, Alberta. The town has a number of very active industries that involves CN rail transportation extensively. These include pulp-n-paper, sawmills, MDF plant, and oil and gas operations; there is no passenger service in this area.

Firstly, I must let you know, that I have little knowledge of real trains. My interest in railways only began in December, 2019, when I purchased the G-kids a train set for Christmas. Soon after that, I began walking the local tracks and taking photos. I was always a modeler of something-or-other, and moved from airplanes to trains after I bought that Bachmann set.
Anyway, that's it in a nutshell.

So, here are some photos. The first one, is the only photo that I will ever post that is not mine. I don't know who the author is. It shows the CN 3rd class depot in Whitecourt, said to be 1965. To me, a depot suggests that there was once passenger service in Whitecourt. Fact is, I have not found any old-timers that remember the depot even being here.
TrainStation Whitecourt1965.jpg

Now my own CN stuff, starting with a pair of ES44AC's pulling a train of freight cars into town, February, 2020:
CN 2862 (1).jpg

CN 2862 (2).jpg

CN 2987 (1).jpg

CN 2987 (2).jpg

That's all for now. If it makes a stir, I'll keep adding more consistently to the thread.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Everyone have a great day!
Thought I'd drop in a share a couple of photographs I took yesterday, August 12, 2020. These are both cropped to where I like them. I've learned it's best to take locomotive and yard shots at distance, and then crop them to a workable photo. It seems to help with the bent fisheye effects that happen when one is to close to a large subject.
The first taken as I was walking into the Whitecourt CN yard:
Walking In_08-12-2020.jpg

A yard shot. SD40-2W right, with an SD751 and a C40-8W across the way on a siding:
CN 5326_5704_2152  08-12-2020.jpg

Here's a Sperry Rail Services vehicle working the CN track in Whitecourt. I believe the vehicle uses technology to measure defects in the rail, but, I'm no scientist:

Have a good one!
First of all a belated welcome from Nebraska in the US. I looked up Whitecourt on the map and I see you are in a part of Canada that is on my list to visit. My wife and I made it to Winnipeg and are looking forward to seeing much more of Canada.
Beautiful photos and I am impressed that a town of this size has that much going on.
Our CN in the Omaha area has one train in and same train out and a local switcher to do the interchange.
Your portrait of the Sperry truck should be on an advertising poster.

Rick Z
a belated welcome from Nebraska in the US.
Thank you, for the welcome, Rick. Don't worry about not knowing where Whitecourt is; it's only a small Alberta town to begin with.

CN usually keeps a couple of older engines in the downtown Whitecourt yard to perform switching duties necessary for the variety of local industries. There are various forest product and petrochemical industries immediate to the area.
CN 5326 has been around for roughly the past 6 months, while 5287 showed up a couple of months ago, replacing SD40-2W 5386. You can see that the two SD40-2w's on hand currently, are very weathered, indeed. Photo's taken in August, 2020:
CN 5326_5287_SD40-2W  08-12-2020.jpg

CN 5287_5326_SD40-2W  08-11-2020.jpg

CN 5287_SD40-2W 08-11-2020 .jpg

Have a good one!
08-22-2020 - CN 1501 RDC test car parked on a siding, later in the afternoon. I just had to stop and capture a few photos; it's the first time I've seen such a unit come into town.

CN 2562 pulled in beside the RDC while I was taking the photos.
CN 1501_RDC_08-22-2020 (6).JPG

There was also the seemingly resident SD40's parked to the north of the RDC.
Yard_SD40-2W_RDC_C44-9W_08-22-2020 (6).JPG

And here's full frames of CN 2562 (C44-9W) and CN 2190 (C40-8W), parked on the south siding from the RDC.
CN 2562_C44-9W_08-22-2020.JPG

CN 2190_C40-8W_08-22-2020.JPG

Have a good one!
Thought I might update with a few engine photos I captured during this autumn season.

First, CN 6007, an SD40-2Q, in town on September 21, 2020:
CN 6007_09-21-2020 (1).jpg

CN 6007_09-21-2020 (2).jpg

CN 5628, an SD75I. October 06, 2020.
CN 5628_ 10-06-2020.jpg

CN 3904, a new ES44AC. October 14, 2020.
CN 3904_10-14-2020 (1).jpg

CN 3904_10-14-2020 (2).jpg

Finally, another photo of the seemingly resident SD40-2W's, which are kept on hand in the area, and used for local switching. October 06, 2020:
CN 5343_5326_10-06-2020.jpg
Here's a weathered SD-40 that is seriously in need of paint:
5242 (1)- 10-27-2020.jpg

5242 (3)- 10-27-2020.jpg

5242 (2)- 10-27-2020.jpg

I suspect this unit is replacing 5326 which has been the local resident switching work-horse along with 5343 for the summer months. Perhaps 5326 has been sent to Edmonton for servicing, and 5242 is a temporary stand-in. - I don't know; I'm not with the railroad.

5242 and 5343 are shown leaving town to do some work, photo taken this very day. Two doors are still open on 5242, front and one on the side:
CN 5242_10-29-2020 (1).jpg
After many visits down to the McLeod River rail bridge, hoping to get a photo of a freight crossing with the sun behind me; success, at last.
11-05-2020 - (1).jpg

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