Biting East '16-'18 - 26: Buhăiești - Open Range (50 p.)

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Proud Earthling

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Princely East '16-'18 - 25: Suceava - Iași (50 p.)și-50-p.13251

The videos for this part:

The following pictures were taken on March 22 2018 and August 4 2016 - you should be able to discern the dates by the amount of ice and snow. ;-)

You already have seen the early summer morning photos from Iași main station - I managed to sleep a little longer in winter 2018 as R 6312 to Tecuci departed sixteen minutes later than in 2016 at 5:01 a.m.

A picture from summer to the left, the coaches also have received updated liveries since.

In summer I reached Rateșu Cuzei halt at 5:47.

Morning fog was just lifting - despite 90 degree heat during the days.

No time to walk forward past the electricity pylons as the first expected train already was approaching.

Seasonal overnight seaside express IRN 1961 Constanța - Iași rushed past punctually.

The sleeping and couchette cars could be found at the rear of the train.

I changed position to below the high-voltage lines and waited...

… until at 6:53 a.m. the first express towards the capital, IR 1662 Iași - Bucharest hauled by GM-modernized "Jimmy" 661 132, appeared. These former classes 63 and 65 have been redesignated (0)640/641 and 660/661 during the course of UIC-numbering as 630 and 650/651 already had been taken.

My only encounter on the levee of Rebricea river which I was about to follow to Buhăieşti - to be seen in the background. R 6311 Tecuci - Iași also approached from behind.

Train in graduated old colors hauled by 640 900.
It met R 6402 Iași - Bârlad, a modern Desiro DMU - lets skip that picture.

Shortly afterwards, Regiotrans (in 2017 the company has been renamed to Regio Călători) former French SNCF Caravelle 97-0562 came by as R 14843 Roman - Iași.

As I walked towards Buhăiești, a shepherd led his herd out of the enclosure on the hillside nearby - but obviously had forgotten something at the stable.

I marched along vast fields, IR 1863 Iași - Galați approached at 8:32.

At Buhăiești, it passed by another one of the corrals typical of that region.

In winter, I arrived at 6:12 a.m. at Buhăiești.

A modern sign points to this well, even if it carries warnings that the water is not drinkable.

The train still was standing, I managed to capture a few different shots. Dogs were barking in the distance, I did not pay too much attention to it.

On the way back, two dogs were chasing me in a more and more aggressive way until one of them actually bit me in the leg. Afterwards, they retreated, and I fled into the waiting room. Luckily, it had 15 degrees outside and I wore thick ski trousers and layers of underwear. The bite did not even make it through the ski trousers, obviously it did not taste well. A man came in who told me the same dog already had bitten him as well. It was my first negative experience with stray dogs on my journeys.

I walked uphill behind the corral for a view of the valley. But sheep dogs already were barking and I was not keen on getting bitten twice that day. Also, the opposite hills were forested, so would only provide a dark contrast against the sunrise.

That's why I changed to a spot near the railroad grade crossing. I always had an eye on the often barking dogs - keeping escape routes in mind - but thankfully they moved on into the village.

Just moments after the first sun rays had reached the valley floor at 6:48, IR 1660 Iași - Bucharest appeared behind 641 358 near Rateșu Cuzei.

Comparison to summertime.

The herd was kept outside during winter as well.

Life near the station.

A large station with express halt for the comparatively small village Buhăiești. The reason: it is also junction of the branch line from Roman, the Regio Călători railcar just had arrived.

R 16543 Roman - Iași accelerated past the little house.

Despite dog attack I don't have such a low opinion of the place... ;-)

I failed in my attempt to recycle tickets.

The station even features a bar, obviously frequented by locals. In winter I procured warming coffee, in summer IR 1831 Galați - Cluj departing at 9:33 took me back to Iași.
For the GM-departure see:

In winter, I already boarded R 6311 Tecuci - Iași at 7:43.

A look at the ski trousers, back in the hotel room I did not notice any marks on the skin. Nevertheless, I received five anti-rabies inoculations at home within the following month. You cannot treat a deadly disease lightly.

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