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I'll try to keep this as short as possible but also give as much information as possible.
I work for the railway and unfortunately life altering accidents are all too common here. I worry about having to experience a fellow co-worker being injured or killed. I get along with all my coworkers and they feel like family to me.
We go through many safety meetings and it's always the same repetitive message that gets crammed down our throats. The safety message is great and I feel the company is really trying hard to keep us safe. feels like they are approaching it the wrong way. It's not getting to the hearts of these men and I see alot of complacency and unsafe behavior all the time. Even the day after a long safety meeting.
We work around heavy machinery and an unforgiving environment. (Track Maintenance). I tried to get more involved in the last meeting by speaking my opinion. I said that the company responds to accidents the wrong creating more and more strict policies and rules which creates more paperwork to fill out but nothing is getting better. I also said that maybe they need to focus on human behaviour.
Like why don't these men feel proud of the work they do?
How can we encourage positivity, morale, and comradery?
How can we educate the Foremans to be better leaders and be better examples in the name of safety?

There has always been a toxic egocentric environment that plagues the railway from my experience. These men talk about eachother in such a negative way and I think it discourages teamwork and leadership. But these men, many of them who only have a high school diploma are tough, creative, smart and have surprised me many times.
We keep the economy going and are a vital part of the backbone of our country. I'm proud of that. These men should be proud of that. But they do not see it or even

I think motivating them is the key. Then everything else, most importantly safety, will be improved. Please share your opinions or ideas as to what you believe should be done better or different. It may actually save lives.

Thanks for reading!


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I work for a railroad contractor and being safe is always stressed, from using the right tool for the job to locking out the machine doing machine maintenance.

Violating a safety rule is one of the quickest ways to lose your job here; people have to want to work safe.

Workers have to know there are consequences, both good and bad, for not working safely.

If those guys won't work safely for themselves, they should do it for their families.


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