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  1. CP oil 10-9-22 (1/4)

    CP oil 10-9-22 (1/4)

  2. BNSF 8395 ES44C4

    BNSF 8395 ES44C4

  3. CP 6018 SD40-2

    CP 6018 SD40-2

  4. Wakaw, SK

    Wakaw, SK

    Still in NS paint!
  5. CN 756 24-7-23

    CN 756 24-7-23

  6. UP 8159 SD9043MAC

    UP 8159 SD9043MAC

    Didn\'t think much of this scene at the time, still upset about missing out on the last days of patched Tunnel motors in mainline service a couple years earlier. Now the engines themselves are in storage and area railfans report the tower has been torn down. On the other hand the FrontRunner...
  7. Last days of GMD's

    Last days of GMD's

    The SD40-2 era ended soon afterwards on CP (up to four units online in 2017 not counting re-builds from over 1,000 in the early 90s). The GP38-2s are still around, but with the influx of re-build GP9s pure sets are hard to find in Sutherland. The container terminal seen in the background closed...
  8. Pusher - Tanker Train

    Pusher - Tanker Train

    CP Rail #8899 is the Pusher on this tanker train headed east from Indian Head Saskatchewan
  9. UP 8123 SD90MAC

    UP 8123 SD90MAC

  10. Gas Train

    Gas Train

    The 450 hauls all the Gasoline, Deisel, and other such petrolium from the north down to Chicago for exploitation.
  11. Sulfur Season

    Sulfur Season

    The amount of molten sulfur trains on the rails seems to have increased a great deal as of late. The CN 774 makes a sunset appearence at Riverview. CN 5610 was the leader.
  12. Back at the Ranch

    Back at the Ranch

    I had my scanner on hand, and I was informed the the CP 8817 was coming in my direction. He didn't have any defects either. Here we see CP Sulphur empties passing the Discovery Wildlife Park at Innisfail, Alberta. Family get togethers always have a visit from CP Rail.
  13. Another BCOL tanker

    Another BCOL tanker

    Last summer I caught two BCOL tankers on the same train. I haven't seen one before or since then, until today when I spotted another one. At first it looked like BCOL 1962: http://tinyurl.com/2k2e44 But a closer expection reveals that yet another paint sheme. Did every tanker on BCOL look...
  14. Tanker warehousing

    Tanker warehousing

    Ever wonder, what Railroads do when they run out of room in the yard? They stack them! One on top the other, sometimes they roll on their sides, hopefully nothing leaks. I wonder how long IPSCO stores them like this? Maybe they're sheds of some sort... Possible a junk yard part depo. Let's...
  15. Epic waistland?

    Epic waistland?

    It looks like a scene of a derailment, yet all the trucks are missing. Possibly a hundred (at least 30) tankers side by side in multiple piles. I'm guessing IPSCO doesn't have enough rail sidings to store all their junk, so they simply take retired cars off the rails and stack them, just like...
  16. EPCO tanker

    EPCO tanker

    TIMX tankers are fairly common on CN, although I've never noticed the EPCO decal before.
  17. BCOL tankers

    BCOL tankers

    Ever since CN took over BCOL, their equipment has been slowly integrating into CN's system. These two tankers were surrounded by IC's in addition to CN's regulars. Its hard to find BCOL boxcars with the old flower logo, never mind tankers. Note the odd pipe stack on the end. This is the...
  18. Railfan with a friend

    Railfan with a friend

    Whenever I go to railfan Difienbaker park, a fellow railfan Elijah, usually comes along with me since he lives nearby. On this day we're shooting a E/B manifest with two Dash 8-40CM's for power! One CN, the other BCOL. As we were standing side by side our photo's turned out identical, so I'll...
  19. Hot Air Tank

    Hot Air Tank

    Flamed out Air tank on a tanker.Looks hot. Must be a Rail Road HOT ROD.
  20. CN 9171 (1948 F3Au)

    CN 9171 (1948 F3Au)

    An old F3 is picking up a tanker at a back of an industry. Dreaming? Yes. However this ex-GTW F3 was only retired in 1994, although I doubt that CN actually used it for so long. Then again it does have the "modern" yellow safety stripe!

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