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  1. CSX 6058 GP40-2

    CSX 6058 GP40-2

  2. Clean Trio

    Clean Trio

    SD50 6734 leads two sister units on NHSE in Middlefield, MA. nearing MP 129 on April 28, 1984. Coincidentally, the 6734 and 6739 were the first and last units of a consecutively numbered 6 unit group of SD50's assigned to the B&A in 1984. They were normally operated in two 3 unit sets.
  3. H5V with CRQ/NS SD50 #5441

    H5V with CRQ/NS SD50 #5441

    Seen H5V keep discussed about their prepare work on corn or grain load cars as plan to take them send into Allen's Milling and uploaded as corn or grain
  4. HBRY 2509 GP7

    HBRY 2509 GP7

    Note the evolution of the HBR paintsheme over the last decade. The frame stripes are now thicker, as well nose stripes are now white vs. lime on older units. CN & Omnitrax corporate paints present as well naturally.
  5. IR 6 - Ottawa

    IR 6 - Ottawa

    Every engine displayed here, was on and idling. It was a really cool sound. Here, IR 6 is attatched to IR 2, OSS 3757 is by itself, and HBRY 5008, 5009, and NKC 3 are ready to go to Eola, which won't happen for another 24+ hours...
  6. HBR 5009

    HBR 5009

    Hudson Bay Railway SD50s 5008 and 5009 sit at Ottawa on the Illinois Railway.
  7. Hudson Bay Railroad New SD50

    Hudson Bay Railroad New SD50

    HBR new 5004 SD50 is been moved to The Pas, MB. to serve the Hudson Bay Line to Churchill, MB. on CN 853 West.
  8. NREX 5078

    NREX 5078

    "Another" ex-UP SD50 comes through town on lease from NREX. Pretty good lash-up too. CP 9022, the third-last "SD40-2" is behind him, one of only two SD40-2'F's in the dual flag sheme; one unit ahead is 5585, one of the oldest SD40-2's still on CP's roster. 8:41am CP 456...
  9. NREX 5081

    NREX 5081

    Facing a major power shortage, CP has decided to lease ~50 NREX SD40/SD45/SD50 derivatives from NREX, about half of which are ex-CP/SOO SD40-2's. So far only two have come through town, NREX 5081 and his twin, 5078. "Real" UP engines are regulars as well, sadly they are limited to...
  10. Downtown


    CSX SD50 #8572 brings a long coal train through downtown Rocky Mount, North Carolina.
  11. Oakway Blue & White

    Oakway Blue & White

    An EMD "Oakway" SD50 makes up part of the consist of this train entering Roanoke's South Yard.
  12. CSX SD50-2 2480

    CSX SD50-2 2480

    This is a project CSX is involved in...downrating their ex-CR SD50\'s to 3000HP, and putting them in MOW service. This unit isn't even listed as "active" yet! There are three listed active...all from March '06. Ex-CR/CSX 8649, Ex-CR 6718
  13. DSCF1486


    UP #9858 (formerly SP) brings a westbound CSX train into the yard at Hamlet, NC as a young railfan snaps a picture.
  14. Helper Units.......

    Helper Units.......

    A pair of former Conrail SD50 helpers are waiting for the signal to approach and couple to an idle train a mile ahead. The locos arrived at 3 pm and weren't gone by the time we left at 4:30 pm.
  15. CSXT'S Boyles Terminal

    CSXT'S Boyles Terminal

    CSXT SD50, SD40-2, & a DW&P SD40 are awaiting their next assignment at CSXT'S Boyles Terminal in Tarrant City, Al.
  16. Twin 50s

    Twin 50s

    Pair of C&O SD50's prepare to head south out of Queensgate on a hot July morning.
  17. Lost in the Fog

    Lost in the Fog

    Unidentified, unmanned CSX eastbound tied up in the siding at McGonigle on the 1st day of 2005.
  18. KCS 7005

    KCS 7005

    Unless you knew the roster, it's hard to beleive this is an ex-CR unit that used to have a pair of nose light in the short hood. In this day in age, it's good to see a "young" SD50 getting a new lease on life. So many of her cousins have been cut up to make Toyotas.
  19. Drifting in Dynamics

    Drifting in Dynamics

    KCS SD60 #743 leads "new" SD50 #7014, #7006 and GP40-2W #4700 at an un-named area between Rich Mountain, Ark and the Oklahoma/Arkansas state line. Shortly the engineer will get the "no defects" automated message from the hotbox/dragging equipment detector just out of sight in...
  20. Rolling right along

    Rolling right along

    KCS SD60 #743 leads SD50 #7014 & #7006 along with GP40-2W #4700 out of the slump at the Poteau River bridge (in the background). Shortly the hog head will have 'em in dynamics and applying some brakes as he puts the woe to 'em at the crew change termainal of Heavener, OK is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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