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  1. Running Long

    Running Long

    CN 4782 has CN 9531 to assist today. I'm sure the crews will jam a GMD-1 in again one of these days. He called himself the 560, but he got his track warrant as the 520. Lot more to the train today.
  2. Snaking Through the Street

    Snaking Through the Street

    The South City Switcher winds its way through the twisting street trackage of San Francisco's Bayview industrial district. Although the train comes through on a daily basis, many people assume the tracks are abandoned and park on the tracks. However, today there were no problems.
  3. Oblivious


    A lady in a minivan is totally oblivious to the train coming towards her. looks like she might get hit, but she is about a block away from the train.
  4. Largrange Street Running

    Largrange Street Running

    CSXT 376 works its way past the Walnut St. crossing in Lagrange, KY.
  5. Cruising the Embarcadero

    Cruising the Embarcadero

    A long eastbound of empty auto racks carefully makes its way down Embarcadero Street in Jack London Square.
  6. Rolling Through Junkyard Alley

    Rolling Through Junkyard Alley

    The South City Switcher runs through "Junkyard Alley," also known as Rankin Street, which is lined with scrap dealers. All of the vehicles off to the side were sitting on the tracks waiting to enter the junkyard just a minute prior. When the train arrived, there was a mad dash to pull...
  7. UP 1347 at Quint & Arthur

    UP 1347 at Quint & Arthur

    UP 1347 leads the South City Switcher through the tight curve off of Quint Street and onto Arthur Street.
  8. Let's All Get Out and Push!

    Let's All Get Out and Push!

    This Saab was fouling the tracks ahead of the South City Switcher. They had to wait for a tow truck to show up to remove the car. With the tow truck driver at the wheel, the brakeman and a good samaritan shove the car out of harm's way.
  9. Running Down Quint Street

    Running Down Quint Street

    The South City Switcher winds its way down the twisting street trackage of Quint Street in San Francisco. If there's going to be a headache, this is where it will be, as many people don't realize that a freight train comes through here on a daily basis. Thinking the tracks are abandoned, many...
  10. ExSAABsperation


    The brakeman on the South City Switcher looks with resignation upon the obstruction that has brought his train to a standstill. Despite copious signage, this driver still failed to heed the warnings. As a result, several grade crossings were fouled for 20 minutes while a tow truck was called to...
  11. Just Starting Out

    Just Starting Out

    The Marlboro Local has just started its journey, entering the street running of Santa Ana Street. For the next 1.5 miles the train will pick its way down city streets before arriving at its first customer, Weyerhaeuser Lumber in south Anaheim.
  12. Back Alley Railroading

    Back Alley Railroading

    In a scene almost reminiscent of the third world, the South City Switcher gingerly picks its way down an alley lined with junkyards and scrap dealers. The tracks are barely visible amid the dirt. Just two minutes prior, you wouldn't even know a train could ever pass through here, as there were...
  13. I'm Coming Through!

    I'm Coming Through!

    The South City Switcher makes its presence known on Quint St. as it returns with 18 loads of contaminated dirt from the San Francisco landfill.
  14. Caution: This Vehicle Makes WIDE Turns!

    Caution: This Vehicle Makes WIDE Turns!

    The flanges are squealing as the South City Switcher slowly picks its way around the tight curve between Arthur St. and Quint St. Trailing behind is 14 loads of contaminated dirt and and industrial scrap. The red station wagon in the foreground cleared the front end of the GP38 by only a foot...
  15. Crossroad of Competitors

    Crossroad of Competitors

    The South City Switcher contends with the truckers on Amador St. as it picks up loads from a local industry. This section of street running was recently abandoned when the industry built a new spur that bypasses the street, so photos such as this one are now history.
  16. UP 1351

    UP 1351

    UP 1351 on the South City Switch job in San Francisco, running down Quint St. heading back to the mainline with 2 loads of contaminated dirt.
  17. Tight Clearance

    Tight Clearance

    The South City Switcher negotiates the serpentine street running on Quint St. as it heads back to its home yard in South San Francisco. The clearances on Quint St. are very tight, and the power cleared the red car on the left by less than a foot.
  18. Santa Ana Street

    Santa Ana Street

    Located in Anaheim, California, Santa Ana St. is a fairly typical Orange County neighborhood. You've got your townhomes, your drivers, your bikers, but...trains? UP's Santa Ana Branch runs right down the middle of the street for over a mile, and every afternoon, the Marlboro Local picks its way...
  19. Only in Anaheim

    Only in Anaheim

    A pair of genset switchers lead the afternoon Marlboro Local back home. The tracks run down Santa Ana St. for about a mile. To the right of the train is a brand-new tract of town homes.
  20. Genset & Wig-wag

    Genset & Wig-wag

    New meets old as a UP genset switcher passes the old wig-wag at the corner of Lemon St. and Santa Ana St. on the Santa Ana Branch in Anaheim. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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