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  1. Fresh Paint at Essex

    Fresh Paint at Essex

    Freshly painted snow plows Nos. 972504 and 94006 enjoy the warmth of an August afternoon. It won't be much longer until they begin earning their keep again.
  2. Snow Plow Extra

    Snow Plow Extra

    Its not to often the Arcola Sub gets any sort of snow plow action but CP decided it was time as CP GP38-2 3117 with CP plow 402895 slowly head past the Redvers grain elevator. Taken feb 17 2011.
  3. CN 55063 plow

    CN 55063 plow

    "Big orange" is still present on CN and many spun off shortlines. I always find odd seeing contemporary content at museums, especially when older units are still earning a living.
  4. Turn it, turn it

    Turn it, turn it

  5. The Dozer

    The Dozer

    After plowing the siding at Berne, we are waiting for and eastboung stack train to go east so we can plow the main up to the fan house.
  6. BN Snow Dozer

    BN Snow Dozer

    After plowing the siding at Berne, we are waiting for and eastboung stack train to go east so we can plow the main up to the fan house.
  7. Snowplow South

    Snowplow South

    Every winter I try to catch a snow plow in action, but have yet to suceed, since I don't live by the tracks and when the plow runs, the roads are still largely snowed in, particularly those obscure routes that lead to rail lines. Thus I got very exited when I heard that a snowplow was coming...
  8. WSOR Plow Extra

    WSOR Plow Extra

    After winter storm Isabella dropped 10" of snow on the Oshkosh Sub, WSOR sent a plow extra ahead of the daily road train.
  9. Sutherland plow

    Sutherland plow

    To date I've only been able to make rosters of the Wilkie and Brendenburry plow, since our own, Sutherland plow just sits at the shops with his back turned to the public. I finally got lucky today, while shooting the Holiday train - look over the couplers and whom do I see? This looks like a...
  10. Jaws...


    He looks scarry, until you take a look at those weeds - not exactly going anywhere... With the busy shops nearby you'd think all the vegetaion be dead by now. CP 401021 is in town for a visit - he visits often, a couple times per year. Although hard to see from this angle, the Sutherland snow...
  11. Canada's oldest...

    Canada's oldest...

    According to the Canadian Trackside Guide, this is the oldest snow plow still in service. CP 400879, 1910 model, is assigned to Bredenbury, SK. Her he is on the tail of a W/B manifest, most likely on his way to Alyth or Moose Jaw for servicing/demolishion. Compared to the local...
  12. CP 401021

    CP 401021

    CP 401021, assigned to Wilkie, SK is a 1930 product of CPR's Montreal Angus shops. So what is he doing in Sutherland, who have their own snow plow sitting 20 feet behind him? Who knows, maybe he took a trip on 454 to Winnipeg for maintenence and is coming back. Either way it's not even October...
  13. BN Spreader 972618

    BN Spreader 972618

    BNSF Jordan spreader south of Des Moines.
  14. Who needs a snow plow i have a gp38

    Who needs a snow plow i have a gp38

    Branchline operation in the snow. A fresh blanket of powder covered the town this week and today i heard the train horn. I was like o boy this is going to be cool to watch.
  15. Comin around the curve...

    Comin around the curve...

    NBEC Plow Extra approaching Mile 40 Road crossing
  16. Motoring thru the snow!

    Motoring thru the snow!

    NBEC plow Extra by the Peatmoss plant in Rogersville, NB
  17. Plowing the way 2007!

    Plowing the way 2007!

    NBEC Plow Extra, with the new Nordo plow at charge, passes Acadie Siding, NB
  18. Sutherland West yard

    Sutherland West yard

    You can see most of the yard from this vantage point. To the left, just outside of the photo is the car washing facility and to the right the shops. The snow plow is parked on the edge of the shop tracks. Note the container yard in the distance. That is the yard lead on the right. If you look...
  19. Burlington Northern units @ Great Falls

    Burlington Northern units @ Great Falls

    Plenty of old Cascade green geeps & SD's are seen here, along with a rotary snowplow, at Great Falls
  20. CPR Snow Plow

    CPR Snow Plow

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