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  1. Susquehanna Business Car #510

    Susquehanna Business Car #510

    NYS&W Business Car on the siding in Ridgefield Park, NJ.
  2. Deadheaders cross Overpeck Creek

    Deadheaders cross Overpeck Creek

    Two NYS&W GP18's cross Overpeck Creek heading south.
  3. NYSW #3042

    NYSW #3042

    NYS&W GP40 #3042 idles on the mainline in Ridgefield Park, NJ.
  4. NYS&W 2300

    NYS&W 2300

    NYS&W GE B23-7 #2300 idles on the siding at Ridgefield Park NJ. The locomotive is ex-Providence and Worcester #2214.
  5. NYS&W in Binghamton

    NYS&W in Binghamton

    Susquehanna freight headed by 6 diesels passes through the yards at Binghamton.
  6. NYS&W at Great Bend

    NYS&W at Great Bend

    Susquehanna freight rounds the curve at Great Bend, PA southbound towards Port Jervis. Photo taken from the Route 11 overpass.
  7. NYS&W at Chenango Forks

    NYS&W at Chenango Forks

    Susequehanna freight headed by 6 diesels rounds the curve at Chenango Forks southbound towards Binghamton.
  8. NYS&W at Tully

    NYS&W at Tully

    Northbound 140 car freight rounds the curve at Tully on the Susquehanna main towards Syracuse. 3 CSX diesels lead 3 Alco Century units powering the train.
  9. NYS&W at Killawog

    NYS&W at Killawog

    Susquehanna freight southbound at Killawog heading towards Binghamton.
  10. NYS&W at Syracuse Univ. station

    NYS&W at Syracuse Univ. station

    Susquehanna freight passes the Syracuse University station heading Southbound towards Binghamton.
  11. NYS&W at Tully station

    NYS&W at Tully station

    Susquehanna freight passes the station in Tully, NY southbound from Syracuse towards Binghamton.
  12. NYS&W Freight

    NYS&W Freight

    NYS&W freight pulls out of the siding east of Tully NY enroute to Binghamton after a meet. The train originated in Syracuse.
  13. BinghamtonNYB172007_jpg


    NYS&W Mechanical Dept. is giving SD40-T #3014 a much needed bath, especially being parked next to an Alco.
  14. Blizzzzzzzzzzzard


    NYS&W train BHX departs Binghamton, NY
  15. Buuuuuuuur!


    NYS&W conductor tries to keep the switch clean as a CSX W/B intermodal approaches at 60 MPH...
  16. TLC


    NYS&W mechanical gives B40-8 #4008 a little tending to.
  17. Grab Bag

    Grab Bag

    In typical Susquehanna style a grab bag of motive power moves SQ553 northbound.
  18. Crossing Guard

    Crossing Guard

    NYS&W Q404 rolls north @ Cortland, NY by the old Lackawanna crossing shanty...
  19. Station Stop

    Station Stop

    NYS&W BHX @ Cortland, NY 2/4/05
  20. Rainbow in the Dark

    Rainbow in the Dark

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