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  1. GN boxcar!

    GN boxcar!

    Last time I was @ IPSCO (major scrapper) I spotted an old NP mail coach, so I knew there was treasre to be found. On my last trip to Regina I made sure I didn't miss any of it, by driving around every block of the compound. I got lots of strange looks from buldozer operators, but look what I...
  2. Tanker warehousing

    Tanker warehousing

    Ever wonder, what Railroads do when they run out of room in the yard? They stack them! One on top the other, sometimes they roll on their sides, hopefully nothing leaks. I wonder how long IPSCO stores them like this? Maybe they're sheds of some sort... Possible a junk yard part depo. Let's...
  3. Epic waistland?

    Epic waistland?

    It looks like a scene of a derailment, yet all the trucks are missing. Possibly a hundred (at least 30) tankers side by side in multiple piles. I'm guessing IPSCO doesn't have enough rail sidings to store all their junk, so they simply take retired cars off the rails and stack them, just like...
  4. So long IMS!

    So long IMS!

    IMS has seen massive traffic growth in the last decade, yet CN is scrapping theirs! These aren't old ones either, all of 1992 vintage. While CP continues to use 'ancient' in comparison flats of 1970 BLT, I believe I've also seen a couple '68's in the mix. Note that they're all wearing safety...
  5. NP baggage shed

    NP baggage shed

    IPSCO doesn't scrap everything they receive - this old baggage car for instance is used as a storage shed, right next to: BMS 307 Berlin Mills Railway 50 boxcar WPEX 67100 Golden WP reefer 50 CP 203118 50 red boxcar Not to mention a BN 40 boxcar and two CN 40s, all with roofwalks...
  6. CP 3101 (4-8-4)

    CP 3101 (4-8-4)

    IPSCO doesn't scrap everything they receive - this steamer for instance was put on display, while its cousins became beer cans. The English Magazine "Steam Railway" is reporting that the Canadian Pacific Railroad is to restore the 1928 Canadian built 4-8-4 3101 with a budget of 1M...
  7. It's all over

    It's all over

    CNWX 106418, your typical Prarie hopper of yesterday, lies on its aside, atop a pile of PS-2 hoppers, incluidng a GCCX ex-SOO. Note the wrecking crane in the background.
  8. IPSCO #10

    IPSCO #10

    IPSCO is a scrapper in Regina, with an intersting locomotive roster of 7 engines (S-2, 3 S-3's, SW900, SW1200 & NW2), most of which are of CP heritage. #10 is a 1956 SW1200, ex-Cuyahoga Valley 1209 (acq. 1997), nee Aliquippa & Southern 1209. Note the IPSCO badging (round decals)...
  9. RIP CN cabooses

    RIP CN cabooses

    CN 79837 (still on roster in '05) and CN 78108 (International Service) await to be cut-up into cans. Right behind them is a string of UP PS-2 hoppers, including CNW 753145, still with ROCK reporting marks stenciled underneath!

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