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  1. Matt-RCI

    New Here, I'm in the Rail Car Inspection side of the business

    Hi all, I'm happy to have found this place! Looks like a great community here. I'm a web-designer/tech consultant working out of Dallas/Ft. Worth area and have been working with private companies in the railroad industry for the past 4 years. I'm looking to meet others that are involved in...
  2. "Railliner Rehash" or "ModernDayliner"

    "Railliner Rehash" or "ModernDayliner"

    CN 15016, Everybody's favorite rebuilt RDC inspection car, came to Riverview. While in the area the RDC was coincidentally assigned to cover the route of VIA 680, the oldtime RDC sevice from Regina to Prince Albert, making trips over the Warman, Watrous and Craik Subdivisions in proper fashion.
  3. 1946 Packard

    1946 Packard

    Before hi-rails, the only way to get around was by a motor car, which wasn't very comfortable. This didn't work well with everyone however, thus luxury sedans were equipped with RR wheels. Here's an example of a beautfilly restored CP version in a museum: This 1946...
  4. W/B foreman @ Riverview

    W/B foreman @ Riverview

    The title says it all. A foreman hi-rail inspection happends at least once a day, often there are 2-3 different foreman along the line in and around the city on CN alone. PS. I know that the photo is a bit crooked, but if I even out the ground, the signal isn't strait either...
  5. The other crossing

    The other crossing

    Motorists sure are suprised when they see a truck on the RR tracks, to be fair he does yield the right of way to them. It's the same one I caught one year ago: The foreman was managing slow orders, verbally warning the crews to slow down - this made train watching...
  6. CP M 235

    CP M 235

    Before hi-rails, you could only get around on a motor car or a fancy sedan like this one, put on RR wheels. Although this example is restored in a museum, some ended up on shortlines where they served for a long-time. Here's a photo of an un-restored ex-CP Packard that was purchased by the GWWD...
  7. CN's new freight service?

    CN's new freight service?

    On my 3rd full day in the city I went to railfan the CN. It was one of the worst days I've had so far. I missed a GP38-2W led local as I was approaching the crossing, then spent two hours only to see this. To be fair I really like the idea of putting a tire on top, makes the truck look so much...
  8. Friendly forman

    Friendly forman

    On a warm summer day a forman passes by in a hi-rail, giving a good wave. I'm proud to say that this view is literally at the end of my street. A couple months later the scene repeated with a doodlebug:
  9. CN business special

    CN business special

    A special indeed! Even the weather cooperated! Actually it was two business cars dead in transit: CN 1060 1949 "Sandford Fleming" Track inspection car & CN 1059 1954 "Tawaw" Reception-Marketing car Trailing CN 5456 & BCOL 766 on an intermodal. PS. The clouds...
  10. CN Business train?

    CN Business train?

    CN 5456 & BCOL 766 lead an intermodal with two business cars on it: CN 1060 1949 "Sandford Fleming" Track inspection car & CN 1059 1954 "Tawaw" Reception-Marketing car I have "rosters" of them from each side, which I'll post on the forums over the next...
  11. Track Inspection

    Track Inspection

    Modern track inspection is ussually done in hi-rail trucks, like this one. While they look cool, they did replace the motorcars.
  12. CSX Track Inspection Car

    CSX Track Inspection Car

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