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  1. DSC02393


    This shot shows NS 74G (coal train) after it has come off of the NS P-Line/N-Line connector track you see at the far right of the photo where the switch is located. The train is continuing to shove down the N-Line siding to hop over to the main line, where it will then head forward to...
  2. Almost There!

    Almost There!

    NS 74G, the Alabama Power coal train headed to Wilsonville, finally clears the road as motorist breath a sigh of relief that they can continue on to thier destinations. this shoving move is a twice daily operation. In this case, a loaded train shoves down the connector track, and in the...
  3. Snuck Up On Me Didn't You!

    Snuck Up On Me Didn't You!

    While watching the coal train, NS 74G, backing down the P-Line/N-Line connector, this Eastbound train supprised me passing over the trestle! I had no idea this one was coming, hense the poorly composed shot!
  4. Riding The End

    Riding The End

    The tail end of NS 74G passes the Childersburg sign as it heads downgrade on the NS P-Line/N-Line connector track.
  5. Getting Ready To Shove

    Getting Ready To Shove

    This extreme zoom shows NS 74G on the P-Line in Bon Air getting ready to shove down the NS P-Line/N-Line connector track. This load of coal is heading over to Wilsonville to the Alabama Power Steam Plant.
  6. Southbound at Dakota Creek

    Southbound at Dakota Creek

    BNSF 9290 on the point of an empty BNSF Unit Coal Train slows its train as it approaches the Blaine,WA US Customs Station to undergo Customs Inspection for entry into the US.It had discharged northbound its cargo at Westshore Terminal,Roberts Bank,BC
  7. Northbound For The Border And Beyond

    Northbound For The Border And Beyond

    BNSF 5912 on the point of a loaded Unit Coal Train leads its charge across Dakota Creek as it approaches Blaine,WA heading for the International Border about three miles ahead.
  8. Along the bay

    Along the bay

    Empty Centralia coal train crosses Klickitat River near Lyle as a small bay provides contrast in the foreground.
  9. Tunnels near Lyle

    Tunnels near Lyle

    Empty coal train from Centralia passes through tunnels under Chamberlain Lake Rest Area.
  10. all CP power

    all CP power

    A all CP power coal train heading north thru Edmonds Wa. This is the frist all CP coal train i have seen here.this is at Dayton St. MoW buildings and workers ,the track stacked up to right at the tool house are for the tear out of the main at Main St. tonite and the ballast to left is also...
  11. Coal Through Roosevelt

    Coal Through Roosevelt

    Taking advantage of the minimal grade profiles through the Columbia River Gorge and then up the west side of the Cascades, BNSF 6223 leads through Roosevelt. FXE 4687 as well as two additional EC44ACs as the rear DPUs lend a hand.
  12. Afternoon Sun On The Bellingham Sub

    Afternoon Sun On The Bellingham Sub

    BNSF 5790 leads its southbound empty Unit Coal Train along the shore of Bellingham Bay on its trip from Roberts Bank,BC to a crew change at Everett,WA
  13. Crossing Dakota Creek

    Crossing Dakota Creek

    After clearing Customs at Blaine,WA to depart the USA,a loaded coal train with a rare Dash9 on the point is again on the move headed for Westshore Terminal at Roberts Bank,BC.Theses trains usually have four AC units for power,two leading and two DPUs on the rear.
  14. Now For Something A Bit Different.

    Now For Something A Bit Different.

    Northbound BNSF Unit Coal Train with a FerroMex ES44AC in the consist.First FXE unit I've seen in a BNSF Coal train.
  15. Lots Of Power Here,Literally

    Lots Of Power Here,Literally

    BNSF 5479 and BNSF 5662 in the lead of a northbound loaded unit coal train,pass under BPA high voltage power lines at Custer,WA enroute to the US-Canadian Border 9 miles ahead.
  16. BNSF


    Helper engine on a long coal train heading East at Highlands station in Hinsdale Illinois
  17. BNSF


    East bound on the BNSF tracks by Highlands station in Hinsdale Illinois
  18. BNSF


    From the bridge at Hinsdale Illinois
  19. Meet at Switch 9

    Meet at Switch 9

    EB Amtrak #6 and a an Extra SP 8305 West meet at Switch 9 on Donner Summit. A steady warning bell has been steadily clanging to warn track workers that a train is approaching. Jerry C. photo
  20. BNSF 5479 West

    BNSF 5479 West

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