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  1. CDTX 210

    CDTX 210

    In San Jose, CA
  2. CalTrain Arriving

    CalTrain Arriving

    CalTrain arriving at the San Jose station.
  3. Commuter Workhorse

    Commuter Workhorse

    When it arrived in the 1970's, the F40PH was the quintessential commuter locomotive. Caltrain rosters 23 F40's that are right at home on the Peninsula with its many quick starts and stops.
  4. CZ Varnish at Bayshore

    CZ Varnish at Bayshore

    The old California Zephyr dome "Silver Solarium" trails on the rear end of a SP 2472 steam special in December of 2002. The dome observation looked great with the matching train of stainless steel coaches as they roll past Bayshore, California.
  5. Canada visits Menlo Park

    Canada visits Menlo Park

    Canadian Pacific FP7 number 1400 makes a run down the San Francisco Peninsula at Menlo Park, California in November of 2000. The CP varnish was on tour to promote Canadian tourism, and presented a rare chance to see a working f-unit on the Peninsula.
  6. C&NW cars on CalTrain

    C&NW cars on CalTrain

    A set of ex-Chicago & Northwestern gallery cars pull up to the San Antonio stop in Mountain View, California in June of 2001. These old C&NW gallery cars pinch hit for CalTrain's own coaches. CalTrain's gallery cars were being rebuilt by Alstom during that year.
  7. No longer a man's job

    No longer a man's job

    This was unheard of in the Southern Pacific's days of commuter trains. A female CalTrain conductor validates tickets inside one of the old Chicago & Northwestern gallery cars in June of 2001. Lots of women are now serving aboard the commuter trains as conductors or assistant conductors. Even...
  8. Severn's waving

    Severn's waving

    Severn Edmonds of the Golden Gate Railroad Museum is serving as fireman in SP 2472's cab while it heads northbound at College Park, California in March of 2002.
  9. I Like Mondays

    I Like Mondays

    With 98 weekday runs to choose from, a little railfanning on the way to work is hard to pass up.
  10. Bullet on the Broadway

    Bullet on the Broadway

    A baby bullet express races south at 79 mph. The quadruple track mainline at Bayshore is reminiscent of Pennsylvania's "broadway of steel."
  11. Caltrain goes Saskatchewan ?????

    Caltrain goes Saskatchewan ?????

    a Caltrain CabCar heads west on CP 211 at Rotave Sask. Caltrain thats my Railroad Hahaha. The car number was 119.
  12. Caltrain and Amtrak California at San Jose, CA

    Caltrain and Amtrak California at San Jose, CA

    Caltrain 900 & 917 and Amtrak California 2007 at San Jose, CA on 12 July 2007
  13. SP Bridge

    SP Bridge

    An afternoon Caltrain commute run speeds across the old bridge over Quint Street in San Francisco. The bridge is one of a dwindling number of bridges still lettered for the SP. It was built in 1907, just after the San Francisco earthquake.
  14. Speeding Bullets

    Speeding Bullets

    Caltrain "Baby Bullets" meet each other at the 22nd Street station in San Francisco. Baby Bullets are the hottest trains on the Peninsula. Making only a few limited stops between San Francisco and San Jose, they cut the commute time to just under an hour, much faster than driving...
  15. Accelerating out of 22nd Street

    Accelerating out of 22nd Street

    Southbound Caltrain commute run #276 powers its way out of 22nd Street station. It needs to get down to its next stop at Bayshore in a hurry because a Baby Bullet train is hot on its tail.
  16. As The Crow Flies...

    As The Crow Flies...

    A Baby Bullet slowly pulls out of the train wash at Caltrain's new maintenance center in San Jose, CA. I didn't notice the crow in the shot until I got home and took a look on my computer!
  17. Massive Signal Bridge

    Massive Signal Bridge

    A southbound Caltrain arrives at Bayshore. This is one of the largest signal bridges I know of anywhere - 5 tracks and 15 signals!
  18. San Francisco Looking North

    San Francisco Looking North

    A southbound Caltrain is about to duck into Tunnel #3 as it heads to San Jose. In the background can be seen Interstate 280 and the famous San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Far off underneath I-280 one can see all the way through the short Tunnel #2, made possible by the late afternoon light.
  19. Departing San Francisco

    Departing San Francisco

    The last Baby Bullet of the morning departs San Francisco. Caltrain's Baby Bullet express trains make the trip to San Jose in under an hour and wear a red and white paint scheme distinct from the rest of the fleet.
  20. Baby Bullet @ Brisbane

    Baby Bullet @ Brisbane

    Caltrain began "baby bullet" express service a couple of years ago. The trains use MP36 locomotives and matching Bombardier coaches in an eye-catching red and white paint scheme. The trains make the San Francisco to San Jose run in just under an hour, competitive with driving. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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