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  1. cultrevolutioner

    pure ALco sound

    great locomotive sound at the video of this old ALco RSD-16 pulling a freight train departing from Cabred station, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  2. cultrevolutioner

    DMU,s in Argentina

    a little videos about this interesting train that goes thru the Cordoba Sierras in Argentina, about 2 hours ride one way on these Diesel Multiple Units made in Argentina
  3. cultrevolutioner

    Argentina long distance train trip

    video showing a brief description about a trip with the Argentine railways
  4. cultrevolutioner

    EMD GT22 maneuvering video

    nice view of a EMD GT-22 locomotive switching maneuver uncoupling from the train head, Argentina railways
  5. cultrevolutioner

    too much noise

    could you sleep with the constant rattling noise? this is traveling in Argentina long distance trains, at many areas the rails and sleepers are centenaries and that means very low speed and wheels hitting over the rail joints
  6. cultrevolutioner

    HD video 90 degree triple crossing dual gauge

    nice image and sound of these trains crossing a triple 90 degree rail crossing meanwhile rail workers are changing a rail a this crossing where we see a dual gauge track (wide & narrow) and two wide gauge tracks crossed by a narrow gauge track where the trains are passing headed by EMD & G.E...
  7. cultrevolutioner

    stupid people squared

    this is a video from a security cam in Argentina, this people not only cross the tracks with gates down also not even wait or take a look to do it and get smashed by the other incoming train as a result his truck got in flames and miraculously save his life
  8. cultrevolutioner

    old signals & new trains

    for those all that miss or never seen the old signal arm semaphore, here at Argentina railway we have some that are still in use working with the new chinese CSR EMU´s first video is at Coghlan junction, Mitre Line and the second is at Liniers workshop, Sarmiento Line
  9. cultrevolutioner

    Hitachi-Mitsubishi BFA-32 locomotive

    coupling maneuver of this Hitachi-Mitsubishi BFA-32 locomotive, decades in use at Bolivia railway, this video is at Villazon station, Bolivia border with Argentina, year 2015
  10. cultrevolutioner

    a renewed GT22 great sound

    really good news and a great job in San Antonio Oeste, Argentina workshop, renewing an EMD GT22 as you see and listen at this video
  11. cultrevolutioner

    old EMD GT22 locomotive complete maneuver

    nice view & sound with a still active old locomotive doing the uncoupling / coupling maneuver at Pilar station in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  12. cultrevolutioner

    Japanese trains of the last century

    watch these Japanese trains Toshiba still in service in Argentina
  13. cultrevolutioner

    scharfenberg railway coupler in action

    Argentina, Pilar station detailed video of a scharfenberg coupler in action when a CSR SDD5 chinese locomotive owned by San Martin Line, Argentina goes to the front of a passenger train and acoplate to it meanwhile an old EMD G22 locomotive passes by
  14. cultrevolutioner

    locomotive stopping test at train terminal

    locomotive stopping test, hydraulic buffers at train terminal nice two sides view video of railway workers testing the buffers with an EMD GT22 locomotive at one of the main terminal in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  15. cultrevolutioner

    EMD GT-22 #9001 keeping the work done

    EMD GT-22 #9001 keeping the work done pulling a hoppers train, Cañuelas station, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  16. EMD GT22 #9032

    EMD GT22 #9032

    EMD GT22 #9032 locomotive owned by NCA waiting for new tasks close to the Buenos Aires port, Buenos Aires, Argentina. phoyo by Cultrevolutioner Traveler
  17. A

    SD40-2 NREX and FURX in Argentina ( South America)

    Hi all These are stories from Argentina, where they arrived four locotoras SD40-2, belonging to NREX ( #8105,#7929,#7940,#7924), which are headed for the locomotive repair shops Materfer which NREC's partner in Argentina. It is said that you think make Gernset or GT26 at four locomotives and...
  18. Tren de la Costa

    Tren de la Costa

    The "Tren de la Costa" (Coast Train), a touristic rail service along the Rio Paran near Buenos Aires, Argentina
  19. Bartolome Mitre Station

    Bartolome Mitre Station

    An electric multiple unit of TBA stopped at Bartolome Mitre station, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  20. Deep in the Heart of Patagonia

    Deep in the Heart of Patagonia

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