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  1. Starting up!

    Starting up!

    Night-Panshot of City Airport Train Vienna - Vienna International Airport passes OMV raffinery shortly before arriving at the Airport station. January 2011
  2. Black Horse in Pumpkin Lands

    Black Horse in Pumpkin Lands

    NS 9693 prepares to hook onto the garbage train to head to Roosevelt, Washington.
  3. P42 on Talgo

    P42 on Talgo

    Amtrak P42 numbered 187 is a substitute for the normal 400-series Talgo F59PHI's.
  4. P42 on Talgo

    P42 on Talgo

  5. Line 'Em Up 2- Side Style

    Line 'Em Up 2- Side Style

    I wish they lined them up oldest to newest, but nothing is perfect, right?
  6. Line 'Em Up!

    Line 'Em Up!

    Wide angle at 17mm, going for a artsy-fartsy look.
  7. BNSF x3

    BNSF x3

    4792 kindly backed up and parked itself right next to the other two strings of power.
  8. More Power

    More Power

    4792 sneaks by to clear the main for the Talgo.
  9. Roasted!


    Moving at track speed.
  10. Sounder Passing

    Sounder Passing

    Sounder unit number 911 speeds by to get to it's next station.
  11. Close the doors - and off we go!

    Close the doors - and off we go!

    Female conductor pushes door closing button as 14.35 oclock City Airport Train starts its ride from Vienna Airport towards Vienna
  12. Waiting for Takeoff!

    Waiting for Takeoff!

    City Airport Train engine 1014 010 waits in the basement of Vienna Airport to start its 16 Minutes-ride to the heart of Vienna
  13. Metrolink 880 & 851 in a Drag Race???

    Metrolink 880 & 851 in a Drag Race???

    Two Metrolink Trains at the Bob Hope Airport Station. 880 is heading to Moorpark, CA and 851 is Heading to Los Angele. 2/26/2004
  14. BN 2517 heading South

    BN 2517 heading South

    Unrebuilt GP35 2517 is highballing South along Airport Way at South Seattle on 8-22-86.
  15. Metrolink 630 and 620

    Metrolink 630 and 620

    Metrolink Cabcars. on the Left is Cabcar 630 and on the right is Cabcar 620. Both Trains are 4 Cars in length. At the Burbank Airport Train Station. July-03
  16. 6952 Pt Vicente

    6952 Pt Vicente

    This time on Track 2. AT the Burbank Airport Amtrak Station. They had to load a few passengers on this Side of the Train. Funny some years ago/ There use to be Three Platforms at This Station. The two Main Platforms. Plus one in the Middle of the two Main Tracks. 5/03
  17. Train #771and An America West A320

    Train #771and An America West A320

    But this Time. I manage to get this Bird while I took (what was) Train 771. The Plane is One of many Airbus A320 America Flys. This Flight was bound for PHX.
  18. Train #784

    Train #784

    She is not in Push Mode this time. Someone forgot to turn off the Headlight on the Cabcar on this Day.
  19. Train 769

    Train 769

    Highballing to Goleta
  20. Train 774

    Train 774

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