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  1. Canadian Imports

    Canadian Imports

    Two of BC Rail's cowl units enjoy the golden light of a setting sun.
  2. IC 6200 SD40-3

    IC 6200 SD40-3

  3. BC  Rail  #4621

    BC Rail #4621

    Rare BC Rail Dash8-40CM only 26 ordered this was on a 536 axle southbound manifest today going thru M.P.-18 Edmonds Wa. BNSF 2/22/2009
  4. Walker Fuel

    Walker Fuel

    CN SD70I & BCOL Dash 8-40CM get fuelled at Walker shops. Note the twisty rail in the foreground. Id probably be shot for taking a similar photo at the Saskatoon shops (recall http://tinyurl.com/69r8jh) side street access makes all the difference in Edmonton.
  5. Follow the bird

    Follow the bird

    December 18th, 2007 MP 189 CN Watrous sub 12:24pm CN 357, 122 cars CN 2447-GT 6227 107 center-beams/13 tankers/2 autoracks When I turned on the scanner this morning, 357 was the first train I heard. Naturally I was sure I'd miss it, but a couple hours later he was still sitting in the...
  6. Two of a kind

    Two of a kind

    BC Rail & CN purchased all but three Dash 8-40CM's. Who could have guessed back then that CN would take over BC Rail and put the D8's together on many of their trains. You can see the CN/BCOL differences pretty well in this photo, for instance one less engine opening on the BCOL unit's...
  7. CN 2450 Dash 8-40CM

    CN 2450 Dash 8-40CM

    Although barely a teenager at 15 years old, this unit is showing quite a bit of wear and tear - just look at those amazing safety stripes on the frame. 3 varieties there - shiny, dirty and the original white. The primer panel under the cab doesn't look pretty either.
  8. Railfan with a friend

    Railfan with a friend

    Whenever I go to railfan Difienbaker park, a fellow railfan Elijah, usually comes along with me since he lives nearby. On this day we're shooting a E/B manifest with two Dash 8-40CM's for power! One CN, the other BCOL. As we were standing side by side our photo's turned out identical, so I'll...
  9. Two Dash 8-40CM's

    Two Dash 8-40CM's

    Two Dash 8-40CM's, CN 2426 and BC Rail 4624 (Dash 8-40CMu, upgraded to 4400hp) lead a mixed.
  10. BLE again

    BLE again

    It seems BLE 903 is now permanently stock in Canada, this time ttrailing CN 2401 on an eastbound lumber train.
  11. Draper taper trio

    Draper taper trio

    Three draper taper units, SD60F Dash 8-40CM SD60F, CN 5523, 2430, 5510 on an intermodal, smoking.
  12. Away they draper tapers go

    Away they draper tapers go

    Three draper taper units, SD60F Dash 8-40CM SD60F, CN 5523, 2430, 5510 on an intermodal.

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