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  1. CN 119 5-12-15

    CN 119 5-12-15

  2. RIP? CN 5256 SD40-2W

    RIP? CN 5256 SD40-2W

    14 months after I captured her leading a top Intermodal train, she was retired - among the first to go in CN's SD40-2 purge. Sold to UK's Select Plant Hire along with four other SD40-2Ws, repainted and re-numbered at a US shortline shop before being shipped over-seas, presumably to...
  3. CN 102 11-4-15

    CN 102 11-4-15

    Nothing special about this train - very common at this time. Friend just asked for pictures, so I edited them.
  4. CP 102

    CP 102

    CP 102 with 8864 leading the way and 8835 trailing rounds the curve outside of virden with endless string of containers pretty long somewhere around 7400-7500 feet. CP 101 and 102 will become monsters with trains 105-106 been discountinued they are supposed to be 10000 feet.
  5. In the Boneyard

    In the Boneyard

    I got the picture of CN 102 from the Graveyard...What a place to be on Halloween night! He went into the siding, passed the waiting 303, and I lost my scanner.
  6. Best friends?

    Best friends?

    Two long-time competitors, CN & CP ride together on CN Q102. Where are you competition bvureau? LOL.
  7. Into the hole

    Into the hole

    CN 102 heads underground, into the hole. He would wait for CN 107, sporting an exactally identical lash-up, right down to cab configurations. But thats the way it was, on Modal' Monday. CN 2508 is on the point, and a friend of ours just so happens to be aboard this time.
  8. The Dark Side

    The Dark Side

    CN 102 approaches the bridge truss with 2 Dash-8s.
  9. WC 6006 (SD40-2)

    WC 6006 (SD40-2)

    Three WC units after four years of railfanning CN's mainline... At least they're different types: SD45u, GP40, now a SD40-2! A WC GP38-2 should be next as they've replaced BCOL's beloved RS18CAT fleet on the coast and come through occasionally. Don't let the paint fool you - before becoming...
  10. CEFX 102+108

    CEFX 102+108

    Two CEFX SD90MAC's are about to take 104 to Winnipeg. Note the letters T.A. on the snow plow.
  11. Golden glow

    Golden glow

    CEFX 102 along with twin CEFX 108 lead CP 104 out of the yard onto the mainline. I cropped out the red switchstand, as not to disturb color. Not sure why there's a golden glow on the SD90MAC long-hood, as the sun is right behind him.
  12. BNSF swoosh

    BNSF swoosh

    I've been reading about it on Railroadforums for years now, but this is my first BNSF swoosh on an IMS flat, here they're mostly found on autoracks. Either way this was a good catch, since CN IMS's seem to be 99% TTX/CN flats. I became so bored watching them, I started shooting containers -...
  13. New Mexico Rail Runner Express

    New Mexico Rail Runner Express

  14. New Mexico Rail Runner Express

    New Mexico Rail Runner Express

    Southbound #513 pulled by NMRX 102
  15. SNC 102 @ Sequim

    SNC 102 @ Sequim

    Seattle North Coast 102 East crossing Highway 101 at Sequim WA. SNC went bankrupt in 1984 and the whole line between Port Angeles and Port Townsend WA was pulled up for scrap.
  16. Throttle Up

    Throttle Up

    SNC 102 (ex-BN 684) and SNC 101 (ex-BN 610) display some vitality on a short uphill stretch of the Seattle North Coast ex-MILW branch between Port Angeles and Port Townsend WA.
  17. SNC 102 @ Blyn

    SNC 102 @ Blyn

    Seattle North Coast 102 east waddles through the thriving metropolis of Blyn WA.
  18. SNC 102 East

    SNC 102 East

    Seattle North Coast daily between Port Angeles and Port Townsend WA rounds the rickity ex-MILW branch line east of Blyn.
  19. SNC 102 @ Maynard

    SNC 102 @ Maynard

    SNC 102 east rolls past Maynard on the south end of Discovery Bay.
  20. SNC 102 @ Discovery Bay

    SNC 102 @ Discovery Bay

    Just a few miles west of Port Townsend WA, SNC 102 east rounds the south end of Discovery Bay.

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