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  1. TrainPohll

    Comment by 'TrainPohll' in media 'Oops in the Dunsmuir yard'

    Sam, is this on the Inside Gateway? Looks like to be Westwood.
  2. TrainPohll

    Comment by 'TrainPohll' in media 'Lots of power here.'

    Ah UP's classic MFIHK or as I call it the "Southbound Junk". Most of that traffic is stuff Tacoma does not want and will be switched out in Albina. Good shot BTW!
  3. TrainPohll

    Comment by 'TrainPohll' in media 'Blowin Smoke'

    Is this on the mountain division between Olympia and Centralia? Or is that line still needing repair?
  4. TrainPohll

    Comment by 'TrainPohll' in media 'ACWR'

    Wow what do they call this beast? Looks like a mix of an SD40 and SD70ACe!
  5. Spring Z

    Spring Z

    Spring is here in eastern Washington. Apple trees are just beggining to blossom, it's 57 degrees and the sun is shining. Summer is just around the corner! Taken April 3, 2008.
  6. Going West

    Going West

    Amtrak#7 rolls across Index creek as kayakers prepare to head west towards the Skykomish River.
  7. Running Along the River

    Running Along the River

    Two DPU's of a loaded grain train round the curve and depart North Dalles.
  8. Waterfront DPU

    Waterfront DPU

    Shot from across the Columbia River, a Tacoma bound grainer heads west at Wishram.
  9. TrainPohll

    Comment by 'TrainPohll' in media 'Passing'

    GE's on a garbage train? What has this world come to!? Hopefully not a sign to come.
  10. TrainPohll

    Comment by 'TrainPohll' in media 'BNSF #795 East at Trinidad, Washington'

    Nice shot Zach! It's been bugging me that I haven't got back to the Stevens Pass area this winter! Keep up with the great shots!
  11. TrainPohll

    Comment by 'TrainPohll' in media 'Flying Pumpkins'

    Looks like either Wabash or Tenino.
  12. TrainPohll

    Comment by 'TrainPohll' in media 'America's Train'

    Has snow and bad weather caused the Empire Builder to be so late? Both on Stevens Pass and the Fallbridge Sub. The Builder on the Scenic Sub seems to be hours late every morning.
  13. TrainPohll

    Comment by 'TrainPohll' in media 'Snow Bonnet'

    Great shot Martin. The snow has been really falling up there, have you been able to get up there latley?
  14. TrainPohll

    Comment by 'TrainPohll' in media 'Following close behind'

    Jeez! I would think they would hold him until the train in front of him had cleared the block. UP must have a diffrent way of running things.
  15. TrainPohll

    Comment by 'TrainPohll' in media '4:36 AM At Bushnell, Nebraska'

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