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    Railroading, Korean Style

    The ALP46 would be a bit more accurate comparison to the Korail 8200. Both looks and technology wise, they have alot more in common than a ALP44.
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    Siding in Cle Elum?

    There were tracks still in place in Cle Elum that could be used as a team track, but the question is whether or not they are still considered in service for freight use. The only thing I ever saw in the sidings there were MOW equipment. Another location to consider is a couple miles or...
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    What kind of horn is this? (on BNSF #2083)

    RS3K for sure, but its equipped with a horn button & magnet valve... No horn play when whistling for a crossing. :( One of my favorites is hostling some of those CSX or NS motors with a 5 chime I can "play" with when whistling. Those make for a happy hostler! :D
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    BNSF/UIP main tied up between Centralia WA and Portland on 12-1?

    Nah, we're just as responsible for creating traffic jams at Longview. We may not have as many trains compared to UP working at Longview, but we muck up the mains just as bad when doing work there.
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    What kind of horn is this? (on BNSF #2083)

    I'm no horn expert, but that looks like a RS3K...
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    Imagine being middle managment, but to the extreme. Needless to say, it tends to be a high turnouver posistion. I should warn you, this is also more a enthusiast forum... Your going to find railroaders (the people you manage), and railfans/photographers (the people you "run off" company...
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    LOL, I thought about that after I posted my comment! "hmm, I could swear I remember talking about this..."
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    2 BNSF SD40-2's on BARPAS(?) at Bend, OR, 10-30-11

    I'm not sure what your night time temp's are reaching, depending how cold it's getting, shutting the engine's down may require draining the coolant. Locomotive coolant (on BNSF at least...5thGenRR, care to weigh in on UP's practices?), although green like most antifreeze, is NOT antifreeze. So...
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    Fire prevention/protection during the summer. As you can see in the photo, there are two platform's by the bulkhead where personel can operate the monitors to spray water on trackside brush fires. Under one platform is equipment and a pump(s) to supply the water. There's also some hose reels to...
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    Union Pacific’s ES44AC are labeled as C45ACCTE. What does ACCTE stand for?

    They decided to tag n' drag it to Havre, the GE shop, so I dunno what was ultimatley wrong with it. But if I had to make a guess, there was ALOT of water in the sight glass... the fuel sight glass. The usually red fuel was milky red/white... :eek:
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    Union Pacific’s ES44AC are labeled as C45ACCTE. What does ACCTE stand for?

    I had a -9 a few weeks back that was smoking like a steam engine, when I began looking around, the computer said it was rated at 450 hp. Needless to say, it had some issues!
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    Questions For Employees.

    The one I always stress to people looking to hire out: Working for the railroad is NOT just a job, it's a way of life. And it's not for everybody, more so with being in train service, the hours alone can drive someone off. Just keep in mind, as you gain seniority, your not always going to be...
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    Union Pacific’s ES44AC are labeled as C45ACCTE. What does ACCTE stand for?

    By GE's theroy, the AC4400 would also be a C45ACCTE. I too have load tested engines (I was orignally in mechanical...), and seen the gross HP in N8 on a -9 or AC4400 reach 4480~4500 HP. Like you said, the engine is rated for 4500 HP, but loses 100 HP for the auxillary load, making the total...
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    Retired BNSF GP39's

    They do have -2 electricals, these were all rebuilt into GP39E/V/M's (depending on who did the work) which part of the rebuild was upgrading them to -2 electricals. Or maybe I'm wrong, and the 2900 and 2888 I was on today are a fluke having a -2 style clean air cabinet and a -2 card rack.
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    New Tacoma Train?

    The EVEBAR is a mystery... Ever since it made it's return, it still seems to earn that H sysmbol, but has never regained it's "priority" of being a H-9. It's hit or miss when the run it, sometimes it's a big ol' train, other times it's quite short and makes you wonder why it wasn't combo'd... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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