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    BNSF track projects, WA State 2014

    This track extension actually will go from East Babb through Cheney to Anderson Rd, east of Cheney. Wonder if they wish they had kept the SP&S between Spokane and Pasco?
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    Looking for GP-30 photos

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    Any photos showing where motor meets gear on diesel electric trucks?

    Here are some pictures of the MILW E47-E39 boxcab electric set in the Tacoma yard. Early 1970s
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    Class Reunion Trip 2013

    Port of Royal Slope The railroad (Othello - Royal City) and that Alco MRS1 belong to the Port of Royal Slope. They have been doing some preliminary work toward the goal of re-opening this line. Here is their web site: If you look at the left-bottom of the...
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    MRL OCS train at Spokane WA

    Here are a few more pictures of the cars. The baggage / power car #103 is named "Spokane". It's heritage (according to an Internet site) is SantaFe. I did not see any numbers on either of the dome cars, but I believe they are (were) MRL 104 and 105. I found references (from Brian Ambrose)...
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    MRL OCS train at Spokane WA

    Got word that the 6-car MRL Officer Car Special train was headed our way from Pasco with SD70ACE 4312 on the point. I took the following pictures at Spokane St, just east of downtown. The stack train on the adjacent track is westbound.
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    A Couple of Odd Ones - 11/25/2012

    Jeff's condo Jeff Looking at google, it appears that you live in the semi circular building of about 15 stories near the corner of NW 9th and NW Overton. You certainly do have a nice view of the tracks just NW of Union Station. What is the name of your condo? Google only shows "The...
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    Royal Hudson Steam Train remembered

    Glen Here is one of my favorites of 2860. Seattle, King Street Station, about 1976
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    Job Questions

    I don't know anything about DGNO or Rail America so cannot give you any specific answers regarding their operation. I do work for a shortline in Washington State, so I can give you some ideas based on my experience. I had 9 years of Class 1 RR experience many years (1960-1969) ago...
  10. NS 1039

    NS 1039

    Virginian, NS 1039 made it into the Pacific Northwest on a Laurel MT - Pasco (LAUPAS) train on 9/8/2012. It was the 3rd unit in the consist, trailing BNSF 7477 and NS 6793. This power was turned in Pasco and the same consist came east on 9/9/2012 on a PASLAU train. Again, NS 1039 was the 3rd...
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    NS Heritage unit - NS 1069 - Virginian.

    The "Virginian" - eastbound Thanks to Richard O for the tip that NS 1069 left Pasco on a PASLAU at 1330 this afternoon. Came by my home at the east end of Otis Orchards at 1830. I hustled out the door and managed to catch them going into Hauser yard. They didn't fuel and presumably are...
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    NS Heritage unit - NS 1069 - Virginian.

    and the DC-3 Now, if I can step somewhat out of context --- Meanwhile, the "Flagship Detroit Foundation" is displaying their classic 1937 restored American Airlines DC-3 airplane at nearby Felts Field. Fortunately there was no time overlap and I was able to take in both. This airplane is a...
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    NS Heritage unit - NS 1069 - Virginian.

    The "Virginian" and the DC-3 The westbound LAUPAS went through Yardley 12:30 pm 9/8/2012. 1) This SD70MAC had apparently been the trailing unit on an earlier eastbound train. Eventually it when to the Parkwater engine terminal 2) This eastbound stacktrain showed up before the LAUPAS...
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    8924 last SD45, final run

    Yesterday, 8/8/2012, SD45 NIWX 8924 made its last run on the Eastern Washington Gateway RR, a one-way trip from Cheney WA to locomotive dealer Western Rail in Airway Heights WA. 8924 was the last of the 3 SD45s that EWG began operations with 5 years ago, and the only one still serviceable...
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    Union Pacific Railroad Celebrates 150th Anniversary with City Of Spokane

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