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  1. Bill Anderson

    Anyone know train schedule for Camden NJ, Norfolk Southern?

    Here is a website which lists railroad radio frequencies. It is a little cumbersome as you have to scroll down a long list to find the railroad you want. The more expensive scanners have a lot of channels to enter different frequencies, but you will...
  2. Bill Anderson

    Abilene Kansas Action 2020

    I like the old ALCo switcher.
  3. Bill Anderson

    Latest Pics from DuplainvilleUSA

    Same here. The Wisconsin Southern colors are the same as my alma mater, Washington State University. Go Cougs!
  4. Bill Anderson

    Found old caboose

    Welcome aboard. Is there a metal builders plate which might identify the builder or railroad? Otherwise, be sure to invite members to the campfire and remind them to bring their own ingredients for s'mores.
  5. Bill Anderson

    Baltic states - videos

    Thanks. I enjoy your videos. Those diesel engines remind me of the old streamlined diesel engines used in the US when I was a kid back in the 50's. Those diesels were similarly run in matched sets.
  6. Bill Anderson

    Return of the Photo Contest

    There is a three way tie. We may have to have a second round for June or July.
  7. Bill Anderson

    Out and about this past week

    Humidity and crickets chirping in the background?
  8. Bill Anderson

    Out and about this past week

    The sun and clouds in the first two shots make for quite dramatic photos.
  9. Bill Anderson

    Baltic states - videos

    What is the wire running between two posts on the roofs of some of the locomotives? Antenna? The streamlined cars at the head of the second train remind me of when passenger trains in the US carried mail and express packages.
  10. Bill Anderson

    A Few from Sunday.

    Still waiting for a shot of CP 8888.
  11. Bill Anderson

    A Few from Sunday.

    Still hard for me to imagine all those Canadian units in America's Heartland.
  12. Bill Anderson


    I found this video on You Tube of Pennsy GG1 4859 at the Harrisburg Transportation Center being moved. Footage of the GG1 starts about the 3:30 mark.
  13. Bill Anderson

    Interstate Heritage trails on NS 45R

    The Interstate heritage unit made it all the way out to Seattle a few years ago.
  14. Bill Anderson


    I went to that link. Not a sight for the faint of heart.
  15. Bill Anderson

    Some photos of my railfanning around the East Bay 2020

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