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This here is a essay I wrote (with a little help from Grammarly) about General Electric's GG1. Once you are done reading, please comment what your thoughts are regarding the essay. The only reason the text is bigger is because I copied and pasted from the Google doc I used to write it.

The Magnificent GE GG1: A Remarkable Locomotive​

"Unveiling the Power and Innovation of General Electric's Iconic GG1 Locomotive"

The Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 was a groundbreaking locomotive that left a lasting impact on the railroad industry, showcasing the potential for electric locomotives to transform transportation systems and set new standards for performance and efficiency.​

Therefore, The GG1 also played a significant role in the advancement of electric traction technology in the United States, setting new standards for speed, power, and efficiency in railroad operations.​

Furthermore, One of the key features of the Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 was its ability to operate at high speeds while pulling heavy loads, making it an efficient and reliable choice for both passenger and freight services, while maintaining speeds up to 95 mph.​

Moreover, The GG1 was known for its distinctive appearance and powerful performance, making it one of the most iconic locomotives in American railroad history.​

Finally, The Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 was an electric locomotive that was revolutionary in its design and performance. Its sleek design and superior performance sets it apart from traditional steam locomotives.​

In Conclusion, the GE GG1 locomotive stands as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in revolutionizing the transportation industry. Its impact on the railroad industry paved the way for future advancements in electric locomotive technology and continues to inspire engineers and designers today. The GG1's sleek design, superior performance, and lasting legacy shows its place as a revolutionary locomotive in the history of transportation.​

In conclusion, the GE GG1 is a truly remarkable and significant locomotive that has left an enduring legacy in the history of American rail transportation. From its innovative design and advanced technology, to its lasting impact on the development of electric Locomotives. The GG1 stands as a testament to the ingenuity and engineering powers of its creators. As we reflect on the history and significance of the GG1, we are reminded of the important role that this iconic locomotive played in shaping the modern day railway industry and continue to inspire future generations of engineers and innovators​

Which conclusion should I use???
I like the one I wrote on the bottom better. What do you think?
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