Did a bridge builder construct a two-track bridge where the tracks "overlapped"? (Gauntlet)

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Robert Gift

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Manyears ago I was told thathe contract was for a two-track bridge.
The builder built the tracks so thathey overlapped. Only one train could use the bridge at a time.
A frog at each end allowed the eastbound track's north rail to cross the westbound track's south rail so thathe eastbound north rail was between the westbound track's rails. What is it called?
Thank you.

(Reminds me of when I put two HO tracks together with both sharing one rail in the middle.)
(I was planning on having two tracks spaced so thathe distance between their rails would make a third track.)
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Glad we could help... :rolleyes:
I don't know how many times I couldn't remember something, then remembered right after asking somebody else.
Think I was told thathe railroad wanted two trackside-by-side so two trains could use the bridge simultaneously.
Buthe railroad did not make it clear in theirequirement.
The builder created a gauntlet so the bridge legally had two tracks.

Should have taken a picture of the three-rail HO track. But film was expensive back then.
Still want to do the two parallel trackspaced to create a third middle "track"!
I suspect it was more likely to be a route changed from single track to double track, but the bridge addition or replacement was delayed. This arrangement allowed both lines to use a single bridge without needing any switches. It would be treated just like a longer single track section (tunnel, canyon, etc.) between double tracks.

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Here's a picture I took on the South Shore RR I think I did take some back further from the bridge just not finding them yet

also image of how the tracks laid out


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From what I was told, the contractor saved much money building a narrower bridge usingauntletrack configuration which legally methe requirement of two tracks.

Funny because I was planning to have three HO tracks converge and cross a narrow bridge like this: ] |A|B|C| [
Here is a smaller, wider angle version of the photo.

Interesting reading the news items.
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