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  1. CP 3117 thinking shes the Empress.

    CP 3117 thinking shes the Empress.

    CP GP38-2 3117 is pulling 30 loads out of the first 3 tracks as it starts to smoke up a bit at Redvers Sk.
  2. Snow Plow Extra

    Snow Plow Extra

    Its not to often the Arcola Sub gets any sort of snow plow action but CP decided it was time as CP GP38-2 3117 with CP plow 402895 slowly head past the Redvers grain elevator. Taken feb 17 2011.
  3. CP P34-348 Power

    CP P34-348 Power

    A rare lashup of CP 5910 9022 and SOO 6060 are P34's power today and 348 powers the next day along with 9118 that was picked up in Winnipeg for the trip to Thunder Bay and back.
  4. Leaving Redvers Sk

    Leaving Redvers Sk

    CP 3060 with two others behind the leader are about to grab the final two strings of cars and head home to Brandon after doing a brake test. These loads will be grabbed along with the kilarney turn to head to Thunder bay as CP 348.
  5. Elevator Switch

    Elevator Switch

    The West Elevator switch at Redvers Sk.
  6. She has come home

    She has come home

    My favourite GP38-2 on the CP roster because I have spent some of my favourite moments of my life on this engine when I was younger as she 3118 and 3121 would come out to Redvers every other day on the storage trains. CP 3119 has pulled into town with 58 cars for viterra.
  7. CP P34

    CP P34

    CP P34 pulls out with a cut of cars at the terminal in Redvers on a cold February evening with 3 GP38-2s for power. I sure hope the heaters were working.
  8. CP P34

    CP P34

    CP 3112 3122 3048 all GP38-2's are sitting and waiting while the sun goes down. Redvers Saskatchewan Canada. Note one rare thing about this photo is that all the GP38-2's arent in the Canadian Pacific RED but in there original Small Multimark scheme.
  9. Clean and Shiny

    Clean and Shiny

    A newly painted up GP38-2 3094 the last time i saw her she was in the pacman scheme. Redvers Saskatchewan
  10. Who needs a snow plow i have a gp38

    Who needs a snow plow i have a gp38

    Branchline operation in the snow. A fresh blanket of powder covered the town this week and today i heard the train horn. I was like o boy this is going to be cool to watch.


    U gotta be up at the crack of down for these shots. Espically when 3 SD40-2s are parked on a branchline siding at 0800 in the morning
  12. CP, Redvers SK

    CP, Redvers SK

    One of my many shots of redvers just trying to put this town on the map
  13. Stuck in the Middle

    Stuck in the Middle

    I dont no why i took this shot it just felt like i should try this
  14. 3120 and elevator

    3120 and elevator

    Gp38-2 with the agricore united elevator in the background
  15. Redvers station sign

    Redvers station sign

    CP Redvers
  16. Redvers small railyard

    Redvers small railyard

    Redvers Saskatchewan canada small grain car yard
  17. CP AC4400CW 9549

    CP AC4400CW 9549

    CP9102 Caught it in Marathon it caught it in Redvers Saskatchewan
  18. Track evaluation GP9U

    Track evaluation GP9U

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