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  1. Nahalle

    UP 7778 leading Amtrak Cascades 504

    Video of UP 7778 leading a very late Amtrak Cascades train 504 north at Perkins Road near Salem, Oregon on August 11th, 2012 GN0fJIWkjUA
  2. UP 8390 west St. George KS

    UP 8390 west St. George KS

    A rare SD70ACe led coal train heads west at 6:54PM on 9/28/08 definately the best catch so far this fall. A thing to note even though rare this is just proof that it is possible to catch a Heritage Unit on a coal train!
  3. Rare Visitors to Valley Falls

    Rare Visitors to Valley Falls

    On a nice and bright Sunday morning, Worcester Extra running under the historic Church Street bridge with 26 empty coal hoppers Lack of cab signals negates there use on the Amtrak Northeast Corridor .
  4. BCOL log car?

    BCOL log car?

    Apparently there's such a thing. A cut of three on 347, surrounded by 105 center-beams and 15 other cars. Before today I thought only narrow gauge lines still had these. Note the faded out # (the other two were BCOL 10359 & 10426?) and red color on the inside of the forks. Tree bark...
  5. CBNS trio

    CBNS trio

    12:23 Eastbound CBNS 306, consist: 3 Units, 3 cars (Note direction is where the units were facing) E/B LLPX 1508 - (GP15-1) Blue W/B HATX 912 - (SD45-2) Grey W/B GEXR 4022 - (GP40u) Red CBNS bulkhead pulpwood car 2 white hoppers, last one being AEX 7634 This is my new record for most...
  6. LLPX GP15-1

    LLPX GP15-1

    Finally got a photo of a GP15-1 leading on CBNS! While 3 of these locos are working as switchers on the RR, they are rarely used for mainline service and then are leaders on even rarer occasions like this one! LLPX 1508 is normally the Stellarton switcher - there are more photos of it there in...
  7. CBNS bulkhead pulp

    CBNS bulkhead pulp

    Now here's a piece of history in action! Back when CBNS first came to be they decided to use their own bulkhead pulpwood cars and eventually had a roster of about 20. Not sure of their origins, but they were in service between 1997 and 2002, before being replaced in favor of the more standard...
  8. Rare treat at Lockport!

    Rare treat at Lockport!

    Instead of the usual P42, we see a rare treat barreling through Lockport! It's not everyday that you see a Dash 8 on the Texas Eagle.
  9. CBNS CAT special!

    CBNS CAT special!

    It took me five photos to get this right. Apparently CBNS has won a contract to move some heavy machinery, as this is by far not the usual load. A couple days ago I saw the tractors tires and plow on a flatcar, photo incidentilly shot on the same train at roughly the same time and the same spot...
  10. Ex-CP woodchip car

    Ex-CP woodchip car

    Built in 1968, it was a 52' gondola before CP decided to upgrade it to a woodchip car sometime in its life. In 1999 most of the series was retired, but a couple remained in MOW service. Don't remember where I read this, but apparently its used to transport ties for CP so that they can be sold...
  11. TRAX 10636

    TRAX 10636

    TRAX cars are ussually used for MOW but this is one of the few, maybe even the only one used in revenue service along with the usual CN/IC/WC and NBSR wood cars we get. Note that it appears to be a weld from two different cars. You can clearly see the differences on the top! Must be hard...
  12. Old Canadian Pacific box

    Old Canadian Pacific box

    That's right, not "CP Rail", or the modern "Canadian Pacific Railway", this is the real deal! I've seen only two boxcars like this. This one and another one with "Canadian Pacific" spread out all over the lenght of the body. These boxcars are not just old, they...
  13. BN's finest?

    BN's finest?

    Still wearing BN numbers, this caboose is assigned to Winnipeg and is used as a rider car daily on the mainline. One side is in French, the other in English. The BNSF local is on the CN mainline approaching CN's Fort Rouge yard, on the usual back up move, with BNSF 1685, GP9 pushing hard. I...
  14. Boarded up caboose

    Boarded up caboose

    Caught him on a Portage la Prairie local on June 6th, 2005 in a very intersting consist: CP 3106 (GP38-2 aka town switcher) two 60' Simplot reefers one Procor tanker, white colored and this amazing caboose, all boarded up! I've seen the local a couple times before, but never with a...
  15. CN Scale Test Car

    CN Scale Test Car

    Caught him a while back. Sorry that the photo is so small, had I known such small cars existed (it's a cut-down hopper), I would of zoomed in more then I ussually do. He caught me completely off-guard, right between regular stuff.
  16. Hopper and a pegion

    Hopper and a pegion

    Birds often eat near hoppers and fly away when I or a Geep approaches. However this guy decided to stay, as I zoomed in on the logo of this rare Family Lines hopper.
  17. Census 2001

    Census 2001

    Census 2001 hoppers aren't too common. Sure looks pretty.
  18. SD60 Soo line

    SD60 Soo line

    A rare soo line visits me in redvers saskatchewan canada
  19. CN Articulated hopper

    CN Articulated hopper

    CN Lines SIG has a good description on these oddballs: http://cnlines.ca/CNcyclopedia/hop/hop4.php

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