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  1. Moose Jaw Geeps

    Moose Jaw Geeps

    1686 and 1501 are the current residents of the west Moose Jaw yard.
  2. Routine traffic stop

    Routine traffic stop

    Like every other eastbound consist, CP 9627 stops to line the switches onto it's correct yard track.
  3. Rise Up

    Rise Up

    CP 9668 takes grain cars over the populated yard tracks at Moose Jaw's west end.
  4. Flying the Green Flags

    Flying the Green Flags

    A snapshot of the old CN S3 that roosts at the P&H elevator in Moose Jaw. It's flying green flags, but not heading a section of anything. I think thoes are Saskatchewan Roughrider flags, actually.
  5. Going to Moose Jaw

    Going to Moose Jaw

    A grain tramp comes off the Expanse subdivision as a stack manifest runs in on the Swift Current main. I shot this on the fly, so it's not up to my great expectations.
  6. Drawwork


    It's heavy enough to ride on eight axels, and it's important enough to be cut in behind the engines. As far as my research goes, this thing is a Drawwork, a large electronic winch used with Oil Rigs. Yard engine 1546 watches his train go into a yard track at Moose Jaw.
  7. Big Fuel

    Big Fuel

  8. CN Moose Jaw

    CN Moose Jaw

    Thats all there is.
  9. Strange Routing

    Strange Routing

    CP 8616 is the leader here, and I traced him to Brudenbury the next morning. This is possibly the CP 672, a Potash run to mines in the Saskatoon area. What he's doing on the Swift Current sub? I don't know. He probably ran up the Lanigan sub in Regina, or all the way down to Poratge la Prarie...
  10. The old Swamper

    The old Swamper

    GP9U 1541 sits near the Moose Jaw shops.
  11. The Malevolent

    The Malevolent

    CP 1631 and 1621 violently smash things together in the west yards of Moose Jaw. Kicking cars is the method of choice, and even at 3 mph a single hopper banging into a consist sounds worse than a thunder storm. The sound travels well too, so you can hear it from several city blocks away.
  12. Down Below

    Down Below

    CP AC44 9659 ducks under 9th Avenue as it hauls empty grain onto a Moose Jaw yard track.
  13. Montreal Intermodals

    Montreal Intermodals

    CP 9752 heads up the CP Intermodal stack train to St. Luc. Like all CP trains in Moose Jaw, he will stop to gas up.
  14. Saskatoon Moose

    Saskatoon Moose

    Two moose cross the CN mainline, 5 minutes after CN 101 has gone through. This is not in a provincial park or the mountains however - right outside of Saskatoon city limits! A "flat" Prairie city. This would make for a great "When keeping it real goes wrong" segment on...
  15. CP 9705

    CP 9705

    CP 9705, a basic AC4400CW sits alone with some fuel tankers. Behind the unit, you can see the power for one of the Toronto-Coquitlam trains sitting at the mainline fuel pad. I took this shot from the adjacent KFC.
  16. Potash Of The City

    Potash Of The City

    Canpotex hoppers depart the city scapes of Moose Jaw. I have a very strong hatread of such trains, and I was kind of P.O'd when it prooved to be the most common operation on the Indian Head line. The train did have DPUs, though.
  17. Pulling into Moose Jaw

    Pulling into Moose Jaw

    CP 8759 Pulling Grain cars into Moose Jaw yards
  18. What exactally is it?

    What exactally is it?

    What ever it is, it's employed as some sort of guard for a crossing a few feet from the yards on the CP Outlook sub. It appears to be a semi-dismantled crossing fixture, and I am unaware if it controls the cars or the trains.
  19. Display


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