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  1. Waiting for a Westbound

    Waiting for a Westbound

    A UP local that services industries in Ontario, CA, waits for a westbound train to pass before heading back out onto the main. The power for this local was UPY 2740 and UPY 2005
  2. Just Starting Out

    Just Starting Out

    The Marlboro Local has just started its journey, entering the street running of Santa Ana Street. For the next 1.5 miles the train will pick its way down city streets before arriving at its first customer, Weyerhaeuser Lumber in south Anaheim.
  3. CP College at Sundown

    CP College at Sundown

    The Marlboro Local clatters across the diamond with Metrolink's San Diego Sub at CP College at sundown.
  4. Caution: This Vehicle Makes WIDE Turns!

    Caution: This Vehicle Makes WIDE Turns!

    The flanges are squealing as the South City Switcher slowly picks its way around the tight curve between Arthur St. and Quint St. Trailing behind is 14 loads of contaminated dirt and and industrial scrap. The red station wagon in the foreground cleared the front end of the GP38 by only a foot...
  5. Santa Ana Street

    Santa Ana Street

    Located in Anaheim, California, Santa Ana St. is a fairly typical Orange County neighborhood. You've got your townhomes, your drivers, your bikers, but...trains? UP's Santa Ana Branch runs right down the middle of the street for over a mile, and every afternoon, the Marlboro Local picks its way...
  6. Only in Anaheim

    Only in Anaheim

    A pair of genset switchers lead the afternoon Marlboro Local back home. The tracks run down Santa Ana St. for about a mile. To the right of the train is a brand-new tract of town homes.
  7. Genset & Wig-wag

    Genset & Wig-wag

    New meets old as a UP genset switcher passes the old wig-wag at the corner of Lemon St. and Santa Ana St. on the Santa Ana Branch in Anaheim.
  8. The way it should be

    The way it should be

    An unpatched Cotton Belt GP40-2 leads the Marlboro Local through South Anaheim. Today's train is exceptionally long.
  9. LA Paint Job

    LA Paint Job

    A set of UP local power pushes cars around in East Yard. Both locomotives sport some paint upgrades that designate them as part of the Los Angeles pool.
  10. Goats in the Street

    Goats in the Street

    Two brand new UP Green Goats take one of their first trips down Olive St. with the Marlboro Local.
  11. Lemon St. wig-wag

    Lemon St. wig-wag

    The last standing wig-wag signal in Orange County protects the intersection of Lemon St. and Santa Ana St. from UP's Marlboro Local.
  12. 3rd La Mirada at Fullerton

    3rd La Mirada at Fullerton

    The 3rd La Mirada local makes its daily appearance shoving east through Fullerton on its way to switch the Kimberly industrial lead. Due to the long reverse move (~8 miles), the train runs with a caboose. The cabooses to the left are a recently-added display at the station.
  13. Overpowered Local at Sunset

    Overpowered Local at Sunset

    UP local LIC-55 boasts several units as it curves into Napavine at sunset.
  14. Local at Sommerville

    Local at Sommerville

    A southbound local climbs Napavine Hill, approaching Sommerville Rd. on the BNSF Seattle Sub.
  15. Local at Azuza

    Local at Azuza

    A BNSF local passes the old Azusa passenger station where the likes of the Super Chief once called. This is on the remnant of the Pasadena Sub, which is no longer a through route.
  16. Oncoming


    It looks slightly dangerous, but the switch was actually lined for the other track, as there was a long cut of boxcars right behind me.
  17. Could be Texas...

    Could be Texas...

    Dry grass, tumbleweeds, and Cotton Belt...is it Texas? No, it's Anaheim, CA on the Santa Ana Branch.
  18. Marlboro Smokes

    Marlboro Smokes

    It ain't the cigarettes, but it is UP's Marlboro Local working hard to switch a long cut of lumber boxcars into the Weyerhauser facility on the Santa Ana Branch.
  19. The Old Sentinel of Anaheim

    The Old Sentinel of Anaheim

    UP's Marlboro Local passes the last operating wig-wag signal in Orange County on the Santa Ana Branch.
  20. 45 years old and still going strong...

    45 years old and still going strong...

    The La Mirada Local with a BNSF GP9 in command pulls cars out of an industrial spur in Fullerton, CA in Sept. of 2002.

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