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  1. UP 8159 SD9043MAC

    UP 8159 SD9043MAC

    Didn\'t think much of this scene at the time, still upset about missing out on the last days of patched Tunnel motors in mainline service a couple years earlier. Now the engines themselves are in storage and area railfans report the tower has been torn down. On the other hand the FrontRunner...
  2. Geeps In the Oakland Intermodal Yard

    Geeps In the Oakland Intermodal Yard

    The first unit is a GP15-1
  3. DGNO variety

    DGNO variety

    A good representation of the smaller Dallas, Garland & Northeastern power at the shops (Espee SD45s can be found in Denison) . Ex-CNW California Northern GP15-1 being painted in new corporate colors, RP20BD re-build from a NW GP40 that looked just like the Missouri & Northern Arkansas...
  4. Green and Cream

    Green and Cream

    Heading south near Willows, CA.
  5. UP switchers

    UP switchers

    An old CN unit, former GTW 6417 leads a colorful lash-up. I caught his twin GTW 6425 along with a slug coming off the HBR in Winnipeg back in 2004: The 15s aren't bad either. None of these engines are UP originals. From top to...
  6. CBNS trio

    CBNS trio

    12:23 Eastbound CBNS 306, consist: 3 Units, 3 cars (Note direction is where the units were facing) E/B LLPX 1508 - (GP15-1) Blue W/B HATX 912 - (SD45-2) Grey W/B GEXR 4022 - (GP40u) Red CBNS bulkhead pulpwood car 2 white hoppers, last one being AEX 7634 This is my new record for most...
  7. LLPX GP15-1

    LLPX GP15-1

    Finally got a photo of a GP15-1 leading on CBNS! While 3 of these locos are working as switchers on the RR, they are rarely used for mainline service and then are leaders on even rarer occasions like this one! LLPX 1508 is normally the Stellarton switcher - there are more photos of it there in...
  8. Power & Beauty

    Power & Beauty

    A CBNS E/B passes through town with: HATX 910 (SD45-2) LLPX 1508 (GP15-1) LLPX 1506 (GP15-1) LLPX 2259 (GP38-2) HATX 912 (SD45-2) Pulling a mixed freight of mostly empty coal hoppers.
  9. Switching Reservation yard, Tacoma

    Switching Reservation yard, Tacoma

  10. Odd meeting

    Odd meeting

    A CBNS E/B is met by a crew of city workers/contractors/RR workers (not sure which one) who were mowing the trackside grass! Needless to say they had to move. Note that the huge lash-up with 3 SD45-2's was lead by a GP15-1! One of the big boys, HATX 914 was recently released from the shops after...
  11. Conrail Geep

    Conrail Geep

    What we have here is the bell, some fuel lines and the usual rust. Not bad for an ex-Conrail Geep, currently lettered LLPX and working for CBNS. The photo was taken from a street which leads into the station, which is now a museum, so no trespassing.
  12. LLPX Railway?

    LLPX Railway?

    Sure seems like it, as LLPX 1506 is sandwitched by LLPX 1508, a fellow GP15-1 and LLPX 2259, a GP38-2. Note that its Conrail heritage is showing. The two other locomotives in the lash-up were HATX SD45-2's.
  13. UPY 549 on the Rock Train

    UPY 549 on the Rock Train

    For some reason, UP sometimes sticks a "third engine" onto the usual GP60 duo. This time it was my favorite engine (well, in CNW days...)
  14. Ex-Con GP15-1

    Ex-Con GP15-1

    This LLPX GP15-1 shows it's obvious, poorly patched Conrail heritage well. It was the Stellartion swticher for a long time, but now it's running on the mainline alongside bigger brothers like LLPX GP38-2's and HATX SD45-2's. Note the waterbottles on the hood.
  15. LLPX 1506

    LLPX 1506

    An ex-Conrail GP15-1, one of three currently leassed by LLPX to CBNS. This one has the beautifull Opration Lifesaver decal. Caught in the middle of a 5 unit lash-up.
  16. Stormy skies at Bain

    Stormy skies at Bain

    Waiting for a new crew, the rock train power sits on the wye at Bain. Those creepy clouds never even formed a storm!
  17. LPK42 West

    LPK42 West

    The Waukegan local heads to Bain and points south. The engineer told me that he'd be retiring in a few weeks.
  18. Ship to Shore

    Ship to Shore

    The S.S. United States once set the transatlantic speed record as one of the world's premier luxury liners. Today she awaits restoration at her home port of Philly, while a CSX GP15-1 works the pier beside her.
  19. UP Sargent Yard - UPY 684 - GP15-1 - M.J. Scanlon

    UP Sargent Yard - UPY 684 - GP15-1 - M.J. Scanlon

    UPY 684 & UP 2531 are parked and ready for work early on a Sunday morning in UP Sargent Yard. UP Memphis Sub Memphis,TN 29FEB04 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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