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  1. Tupi cement cars

    Tupi cement cars

    The american railfans Bill and Sharon watching Tupi cement cars TPT-013020-6 and TPT-013079-6 at Joaquim Murtinho yard. The couple came to Brazil in august to railfaning in Minas Gerais state.
  2. Liz


    Liz trackmobile switching TPS cement cars.
  3. Spot the critter!

    Spot the critter!

    Most people don't enjoy the smell of cement in the morning - neither do I, but it sure looks great! An elderly GE 50T switches cars around the plant as the first light breaks in. You know you're a railfan if you can spot half a dozen PS-2 hoppers in the background (above the switch). That's...
  4. Floral's finest

    Floral's finest

    Once upon a time Floral was your typical Prairie town. Today the elevator is gone, people are nowhere to be seen and its no longer present on many maps On the bright side its home to LaFarge Cement, who have their own GE 50T switcher! The plant is switched by CP, being only a couple miles from...
  5. Welcome home

    Welcome home

    Two GP38-2's return to the shops after bringing a 15 car cement train into town. Such lash-ups are very common in the area, working on a numnber of wayfreights and turns. At any given time there's at least 10 GP38-2's in the region (Wilkie-Sutherland-Lanigan corridor).
  6. Sutherland depo

    Sutherland depo

    Upon the containers and GEVO's passing by there's an old depo hidden in town. There's even two Geeps, a GP38-2 (CP 3061) and a GP9u of THB heritage (CP 1686) standing by.
  7. The fruits of their labours

    The fruits of their labours

    At last, Riverview is clear of the MOW crews. But, they left this huge chunk of cement before they did.
  8. Hoki10000, Taiheiyo cement

    Hoki10000, Taiheiyo cement

    This is hopper for coal, model Hoki10000. In Japan, standard color of freight car is black except container and private car (=owner is not JR Freight) has company trade mark and logo. This Hoki10000 was manufactured before 1994 (attached photo is in 2002), sponsored by Chichibu cement...
  9. SP Cement Cars - Carrizo Gorge

    SP Cement Cars - Carrizo Gorge

    Here's several boxcars that derailed in the Carrizo Gorge. They were filled with cement at one time, and rather than try to re-rail them, they (SD&AE) pushed them over the side. They remain there to this day...
  10. Night Cement Delivery

    Night Cement Delivery

    The Ballard Terminal Railroad is delivering two loads of cement to Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel in Seattle, WA.

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