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  1. Canadian Imports

    Canadian Imports

    Two of BC Rail's cowl units enjoy the golden light of a setting sun.
  2. BC Rail C40-8M in Cascan

    BC Rail C40-8M in Cascan

    Amzaingly enough, the same train I got a grab shot of in Tehachapi showed up in Bend about an hour or so after I got back in town today. Same train, 700 miles apart, two days later.
  3. BC Rail C40-8M at Tehachapi

    BC Rail C40-8M at Tehachapi

    I was on a trip this week, and was pacing a train as I was riding along Highway 58 over Tehachapi Pass. This locomotive was the third on the train. This grab shot was from the car as the train was rolling through the town of Tehachapi, CA.
  4. CN x568 South at Britannia

    CN x568 South at Britannia

    An extra freight passes though the town of Britannia on a glorious winter morning
  5. The American Lumberjack

    The American Lumberjack

    CN 346 passes with his usual mixture of Sulphur tanks and Lumber products. I love the 346! CN 2406 trails, who would come back to haunt me on Halloween! The 346 doesn't have DPUs so very much anymore...
  6. Ghost Lights

    Ghost Lights

    After losing my Scanner, CN 199 came through with a nice mixed consist. After that, I went back to the house before the ghosts came out! This could be CN 111 or 115. But he runs with the 2406, who I spotted on 346 days before, so this probably came from Chicago.
  7. Oil Sand Train

    Oil Sand Train

    The CN 314 runs off the North Line with more Crude Oil and Sand behind CN locomotives 2237 and 2443. He appears to have 8 Glycol tanks up front, aswell.
  8. Flyin' though Pemberton

    Flyin' though Pemberton

    BCR 4618 belts out a few toots of its K5H as it prepares to ditch its Dynamics for Full power for the assault up to Tisdall and beyond... Other units in the consist include BCOL 759 and BCOL 3911, and about 37 Loaded cars.
  9. Lost but not forgotten...

    Lost but not forgotten...

    BCR 4621 North leads L571-51 though the tunnel at MP 168.6 Lillooet Sub.
  10. Way back when...

    Way back when...

    I shot this back in 2006, and finally managed to put it up. Could be in 1996. I would immagine this is the CN 107, but that was about a year before I got my scanner.
  11. The Dark Side

    The Dark Side

    CN 102 approaches the bridge truss with 2 Dash-8s.
  12. Almost the last...

    Almost the last...

    CN 2452 is the second-last Dash-8 for the CN, the last being 2454. Built most likley in December of 1992, this locomotive is practially the exact same age as myself. Here we see it hulking the 357.
  13. CN 5373

    CN 5373

    An SD40-2, proud and strong. Seen here with CN 2405 on a short manifest train. Considering the lenghth of the train, I think the power is well suited to the operation.
  14. Dual Dash-8

    Dual Dash-8

    This was probably the best catch of the night! 2 C40-8Ms, 1 of them and ex-BCR unit.
  15. CN 5608 on the 114

    CN 5608 on the 114

    CN 114 is running late again, and this time it has CN 5608 on the point! I have seen this SD70I out at Riverview 3 times now... CN 5608 and CN 2414 make up 400HP for CN 114s trip to Toronto.
  16. Eyes in the night

    Eyes in the night

    The headlights on CN 5736 shine brightly as it readies it's self to cross the South Saskatchewan river. The SD75i was trailed by a C40-8M. But alas, I didn't get the number.
  17. Eastbound stacks

    Eastbound stacks

    An Eastbound stack train passes over the South Saskatchewan river bridge at Riverview. The leads units were SD75i 5736 and a Noodle painted C40-8M.
  18. Smoking C40-8M

    Smoking C40-8M

    CN SD60F 5541 and C40-8M 2446 take off west make a hell of a noise. They were just held for a westbound, and they have alot of reefer containers to get east. Out of most units, I have to say notheg on the CN smokes more than the C40-8M's. Except The C44-9Wl's I saw last week.
  19. CN unit coal Eastbound

    CN unit coal Eastbound

    2 CN C40-8M's hustle a coal unit train eastbound at riverview. Not one of my best shots.

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