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  1. Tuscor

    MRL OCS train at Spokane WA

    Info from the MRL Yahoo list posted a few weeks back gave this info on the MRL domes. MRL 104 (ex-NP 552) is now the Pend Oreille MRL 105 (ex-NP 553) is now the Flathead Brian Ambrose Renton, WA
  2. Tuscor

    MRL OCS train at Spokane WA

    That's what I was waiting to see. Photos of the ex-NP domes back on former NP mainline. Shades of the North Coast Limited! Well, an abbreviated one anyway. Thanks for the look. Brian Ambrose Renton, WA
  3. Tuscor

    Gn x234

    No, not the same car. Though I must say I really like your photo of the original X234! I believe the new X234 is former FW&D 187 that this job used in years past. So far no one has run the 187 though the BNSF computer to verify it is or not though. The answer may be there. Here is a...
  4. Tuscor

    Help bring MILW 5057 back to Washington!

    Yeah, I forgot about coming in from the west. Still it'd be kind of difficult to share the John Wayne Pioneer trail with a U25B, especially across that bridge near Bullfrog. Not that I would not mind. Brian
  5. Tuscor

    Help bring MILW 5057 back to Washington!

    I don't see excursions happening as there is a river to cross without a railroad bridge between the ex-MILW at S. Cle Elum and the BNSF at Cle Elum. Of course first things first, bring the 5057 back home and lets see what happens after that. Brian Ambrose Renton, WA
  6. Tuscor

    Help bring MILW 5057 back to Washington!

    Excellent cause. This locomotive belongs in Washington state! And I can't think of a better location than South Cle Elum. I plan on donating something out of every paycheck, starting today. Let's not let the 5057 get away. Brian Ambrose Renton, WA
  7. Tuscor

    Siding in Cle Elum?

    The siding at Cle Elum is gone but a number of spur tracks do remain on either side of the grade crossing on the north side of the main line. Brian
  8. Tuscor

    Green and White SD60M Leading On Stampede

    Thanks John. I know I was really lucky to be able to catch up to the train before Cle Elum considering the head start he had on me. Nice that I-405 is minutes away and Easton is about an hour from home. It may have been a 70 mile drive out to catch this train but the results were worth it...
  9. Tuscor

    Green and White SD60M Leading On Stampede

    Unfortunantly no. This older computer I prefer to use will not run ATCS and all I can get on the other computer that will is the Metrolink line. I can't get the Stampede Sub on it. Believe me I wish I could! Maybe someday someone can walk me through how to get it to download correctly. By...
  10. Tuscor

    Green and White SD60M Leading On Stampede

    Darn it. I need to check this forum more often. That was 90 minutes ago and I almost went over to Easton this morning! Sunny over there too. Would have been a great chase but it's probably long gone now. Brian
  11. Tuscor

    Any Camp 6 updates?

    Thanks for the info. Last time I was at Camp 6 was around 1999 and saw the X66 there but never took any photos of it. Guess I should be glad it found a new home and Mt Vernon is former GN trackage. Wonder if that "playground" is a public park or someones new personal toy in a backyard? I'll...
  12. Tuscor

    Any Camp 6 updates?

    I would sure hate to see that Great Northern caboose they had at Camp 6 go away. Seems Skykomish, WA has plans for a railroad themed park that include a GN caboose on display with other GN equipment. Sure would be nice to see it end up there. A former GN caboose in a GN display. Seems...
  13. Tuscor

    MRSR coming to Tacoma

    Np f9a 7012a For me the big thrill was getting to see the NP 7012A once again. First time I ever saw it was May 10, 1970 as the NP 7012A at Easton, WA leading an eastbound BN freight. Sometime after that it was renumbered BN 838. In the early 1980's BN retired the 838 and it was...
  14. Tuscor

    What was this Amtrak move?

    That and his other video of the 5 BNSF EMD's at Puyallup was great. Looked like Crew 2 with the auroracks on the headend. I didn't even know when the special was leaving Auburn so I missed it too. I agree, Palmer Jct would have been great! Brian Ambrose
  15. Tuscor

    NP 8mm, Stacy Street to Sumas, 1959

    Excellent, just excellent. Especially the part passing the mothballed ships at Scopa just north of Renton. That is near where where Ivars and Kidd Valley are at Gene Coulon Park now. (and about 1/2 mile from where I am writing this) I still remember seeing those ships when my family would... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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