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    SOO/CP, Flowers, and Mountains

    Just got back from a vacation! Spent a bit of time in the area I'm modeling, and chased the one remaining train for a bit. Here I found some fantastic wildflowers to go with the shot, please enjoy!
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    SP 4449 on Marias Pass, GN Hi-line!

    Here's one from nearly 5 years ago.
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    Epic cabride video - Kootenay Valley Railway

    Hey all, thought that I'd share this. It's footage of the CP Rail's Kootenay Valley Railway between Trail and Nelson, BC.
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    Instagram photos

    I don't have instagram (Or an iPhone) but I am definitely interested. You're giving some good insight into what CN in Calgary is about, and I especially enjoyed the photos from the Drumheller sub.
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    CP 2816 in the mountains

    I'm kicking off a new youtube channel that I'm taking more seriously than my spastic uploads of the past, and I thought that a good way to start would be to redo an old favorite. The original video was a lovely windows movie maker creation, but this one has MUCH better sound and quality. Please...
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    A day with the E&N (SVI) - Dec 27, 2012

    Either way I'll be traveling it. What are the grades like between Nanaimo and Victoria?
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    A day with the E&N (SVI) - Dec 27, 2012

    There's a lot of hope about restoring the line. Bottom line is that about 1 in 5 ties need replacing, and though the federal government's said they'll chip in most of the cost, they haven't yet.
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    FEMA DEATH TRAINS and you.

    ...You should only say it to Ham :p
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    Abandoned steam locomotive on CPR’s BIG Hill.

    Being over a hundred years old, it's deteriorated noticeably in the past 20 years since those photos were taken. It's still a worthwhile little hike to go on. I've seen a bear nearly every time I've been there!
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    FEMA DEATH TRAINS and you.

    This video is bad and you should feel bad.
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    Royal Hudson Steam Train remembered

    200-300 per train sounds like a lot...what's the capacity of the trains they ran?
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    Snoqualmie Tunnel reopens

    ...You don't say... Thank you for this enlightening piece of information.
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    Has technology really made the hobby (and your life) better?

    I can't see how anyone could possibly say that technology has made it worse. Let's be very honest here...who is forcing you to use digital?
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    Former CNW E8 now painted SP pulls Dinner Train on CP

    There's something patently strange about seeing an SP E unit in that corner of the country.
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    Is it worth using film anymore?

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