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    Line from Ft Worth to Abaline - western rr??

    That is the Union Pacific Baird Sub (former Texas&Pacific). At Sweetwater, TX the line changes name and becomes the Union Pacific Toyah Sub. The line runs all the way out to Sierra Blanca, Texas where it meets the UP Sunset Route (former Southern Pacific) and goes to Commie, I mean California...
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    advice for a former trespasser

    Silence is golden.
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    GP-20Ds on the move

    Didnt CORP lease a mess of them when Fortress sold off a bunch of RailAmerica GPs to get more cash on hand?
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    Military guy with lots of questions.....

    Are you out of JRB (Carswell)? Go talk to ol' "Frisco" Joe Holton at Ft Worth Western Railroad in Hodge Yard, see whats happening there. Dallas, Garland & Northeastern is hiring for train service. Then there are the three Class 1s here in DFW; BNSF, UP, KCS.
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    Bolton's Crown Quality Wheat Express GP9 Locomotive #1005 Vernon, Texas

    That unit had Kiamichi RR and Conrail heritage, but it was never with the Katy. In fact before they painted, renumbered, and re-lettered it, it was in the old Kiamichi gray with little white chevrons. When you got closer to it, you could see the Corail Quality decals under the paint. The...
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    UP E units! HEADS UP!

    Well, I've been looking for a reason to get back trackside. My back is soooo much better than a year ago. Looks like it will come through DFW in good light. Thank you for the heads up, and the schedule!
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    UP 4141 update!

    I completely agree. UP does too. UP has stated they will not repaint any of their special locomotives into Armour Yellow. They havent repainted the SLC Olympics SD70Ms, they didnt repaint the United Way SD40-2, they made a deal with GB41, and they fully intend on keeping it up. The reason...
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    What Boots Do You Wear?

    You can get them in non-side zip, straight lace up. You can get them in 6 inch and 8 inch models The sole is a Vibram, and when pressure is applied the heel becomes "defined"
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    What Boots Do You Wear?

    Again, I'm not affiliated with LAPG, they just have the best price on my boots. here's a link.
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    What Boots Do You Wear?

    I dont work for the railroad, except when I was asked for pictures by a certain one. I wear Converse 9-inch Desert Pursuit boots with the steel reinforced Kevlar toe, shank, and heal. Mine are also side-zipper. I like them because they are very lightweight, they exceed OSHA/ANSI standards...
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    21st Century Diesel Spotting?

    The ACe will have a boxier nose profile, the EVO will have a more angular nose. The ACE will look like larger versions of the rads on a SD45, the EVO will look like it is two-piece with several different angles.
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    Update on the City of Dallas vs. Museum of the American Railroad

    MAR is a bad joke. Their arrogance and backhandedness has created this situation.
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    Occupy Portland "Mom" Puts 4-Year Old On Tracks

    Mother of the year award winner here. She puts her 4,year old kid on the tracks at the Port of Portland hoping "faith in humanity" will keep her kid from death by locomotive. I cant believe these turds would stoop so low...
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    RRF member 'Gohogs' passes away

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