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    High Plains Coal: BNSF's Brush Subdivision (DVD) Now Available!

    Greetings everyone, High Plains Coal: BNSF's Brush Subdivision is now on sale! You can order right now at our web store. We accept PayPal and Credit Card orders. If you don't wish to pay that way, we accept checks and money orders, payable to: John Crisanti P.O. Box 1501 Longmont, CO...
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    High Plains Coal: BNSF's Brush Subdivision (DVD)

    Greetings everyone, my name is John Crisanti. I am a railfan up in Northern Colorado in Longmont, CO. I will be releasing a DVD near the week of Thanksgiving. Here's the information about it. Link: **Anticipated Release Date: After November...
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    BNSF's Brush Subdivision - Best of National Train Day 2011!

    Me and my dad decided to head far east on the BNSF Brush Subdivision to see what was happening. Thanks to fellow TO Member Kodachrome9319 (aka Steven Welch) for the heads up, I was able to catch the Lincoln, NE to Denver, CO (H-LINDEN9-06A) that had CN 5750 and CN 2141 for power this morning...
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    BNSF's Brush Subdivision - A Whole New Look!

    This morning, we trek along the BNSF Brush Subdivision between Irondale and Tonville. It was a slow morning, but once the morning progressed on, the trains started to come. Our first train is the daily Denver, Colorado to Chicago, Illinois Z-Train. After dropping off a cut of box cars at...
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    BNSF's Brush Subdivision - Great Catches 2!!!

    Yesterday I decided to head to Brush once again and it was a pretty nice day with 5 trains in just three hours. Here are the trains. Train 1: Running 51 minutes late, Amtrak #5 races through Irondale as it tries and makes up time into Denver. Train 2: We are now set up at the crossing near...
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    BNSF's Brush Subdivision - Lots of Great Catches!!!

    I decided to head out to the BNSF Brush Subdivision once again. This time with the Canon HF21. On our visit we visit 5 locations. East Rescar, Keenesburg Cut, Keenesburg, Tampa, and Roggen. Train 1: After meeting Amtrak #5 and a coal load at Tonville, BNSF 9160 brings an empty through East...
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    BNSF 9759 South - All EMD Lash Up!!!

    A big thanks goes to the Colorado Railfan Group for the heads up about this train. Two BNSF Executive SD70MACs lead the Bonneville, Wyoming to Galveston, Texas Sulfur Train "Stinky Slinky" are seen coming into Longmont, Colorado on their way South towards Denver. Enjoy!
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    My Trip To The Eastern End of the BNSF Brush Sub

    Thanks for the comment. Train count is 20 - 30 trains per day.
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    My Trip To The Eastern End of the BNSF Brush Sub

    Me and my dad decided to hit the Brush Subdivision once again. On our trip, we start at East Rescar, located a few miles East of Hudson, Colorado. Our first train is the H-DENGAL9-11A (Denver, Colorado to Galesburg, Illinois) Manifest with a Fakebonnet, Heritage 1, and Heritage 2 C44-9Ws in the...
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    BNSF's Brush Subdivision - Coal, Perfectly timed meets, and much more!

    Well I decided to head to the BNSF Brush Subdivision, which runs between Denver, Colorado and Sterling, Colorado. Our first stop is Irondale, Colorado, where we catch the Hudson Turn ( R-COL4503-23I). Power on today's turn is two EMDX GP38-2s. We continue west into Denver and we relocate to...
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    BNSF 7835 North - Another Try At The iPod Touch 4G!

    It's a nice morning and the daily Denver - Laurel Manifest leaves Longmont on a overcast morning. The power on today's train was on yesterday's Laurel - Denver Manifest. Note: Shot with the iPod Touch 4G.
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    BNSF 7835 South - Shot with iPod Touch 4G!!

    It's around 4:15pm in the late afternoon as the daily Laurel, Montana to Denver, Colorado Manifest comes into Longmont with the last rays of golden light left. Note, this was shot on the iPod Touch 4G as a test.
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    BNSF 1933 South - Heavyweight Passenger Cars!

    Today's Longmont Turn was different. Not so much the power, but what cars were on the train. On Thursday, the Longmont Turn brought down seven heavyweight passenger cars down from the Great Western to Longmont. And today, the Longmont Turn assembled a mile long train with the seven heavyweight...
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    Comment by 'SD70ACe9370' in media 'Orangy Yellow Evening....'

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