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  1. RuckusRails

    Pure Santa Fe

    Great shots Mark, what a way to take ya back!
  2. RuckusRails

    Aaprco Kansas City Chief Special

    Thanks Mark! Early next year the train will take the Sunset Route to New Orleans from LA. One more... Buckholts, TX:
  3. RuckusRails

    Aaprco Kansas City Chief Special

    It is a great looking train and made for a good chase. Cameron, TX: Temple, TX:
  4. RuckusRails

    Do you think EMD will ever build a DD90ACe?

    The closest you may see is if any SD70ACe or SD9043MAC units make it to Brazil and become a BB70ACe or BB9043MAC, if that is even possible. Similar to this old DRGW SD40T-2 that became a BB40T-2:
  5. RuckusRails

    24 Hours at Saginaw, TX

    Great shots Mark, it was a fun time out there this year despite the low train count. I didn't take many photo's as I ended up chatting the day and night away with others. I can be seen with my little one taking a shot of the Roadrailer in your photo above. Burnt orange cap is Ruckus, pink shorty...
  6. The Battle for Tower 55

    The Battle for Tower 55

    Winter weather at Tower 55 froze switches requiring several crews to work non-stop to keep the trains rolling. Every switch had to be thawed to be lined ahead of every train approaching, a slow process. Although it took a long time to get a train through, they did manage to keep Tower 55 open.
  7. RuckusRails

    Warbonnets On Parade

    Kinda takes ya back doesn't it? Nice reminder of the good 'ol days, good work :)
  8. RuckusRails

    SRN Genset Unit

    Now we're talkin'! Excellent catch and photographs Mark :)
  9. RuckusRails

    A Day Out on the TTI

    Very interesting operation, nice photo's!
  10. RuckusRails

    How To Be A Foamer

    IMHO, the term foamer is derogatory and ridiculous. I don't know what's worst, the railroads calling us that or the railfans calling themselves that. We all have seen the type though...... Exhibit "A", note the crew member signaling WTF!?
  11. RuckusRails

    Some photos of my railfanning around the East Bay 2011

    I was thinking the same thing, looking forward to more.
  12. RuckusRails

    Nicknames for unique BNSF paint schemes

    I'd like to see a photoshop of an H3 with the orange replaced with cascade green and the black power bar lettering and yellow stripes changed to white. Or, maybe the orange changed to War Bonnet red and the black changed to silver with WB red lettering. Would be neat if BNSF implemented the nice...
  13. RuckusRails

    Amtrak Anniversary Unit traced

    It is on the NB Texas Eagle, train 22. Should be approaching Longview, TX now. If you know what train it's on, you can get updates on arrival times via Amtraks website.
  14. RuckusRails

    UP Super Bowl Special

    Yes, the Arlington to Austin train (SARAU-07) is a "Government Affairs Special". To meet the likes of Rick Perry and "Leslie" :D
  15. RuckusRails

    Another Krispy Kritter

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