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    Run8 Train Simulator

    I've got the game, but all of the DLC makes it look like it's something from EA. I liked how MSTS had 3rd party developers, and plenty of freeware. I wish someone would make freeware for Run8.
  2. Railgeek

    Wenatchee Washington Radio Feed

    Gary, what channel does the Wenatchee stream run on? I can't really understand how you would be getting interference from the VOR-DME at the airport, since it runs at 111.000 MHz. There is also an RCO on Badger Mtn that is at 122.300 MHz.
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    Burned out

    I've had on and offs with railfanning. Recently it's been an "on" thing with learning videography. But being at school, I can't get out much to shoot trains.
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    Some storm pics from Lima, Ohio

    I've been wanting to get more lightning photos, but the weather here in Washington doesn't cooperate.... Maybe 1 or 2 lightning storms per year, and even then those storms aren't that good.
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    Some storm pics from Lima, Ohio

    Were you using a tripod? It may help with the sharpness if you also use the "Mirror lock-up" function on your camera if it has one. (I'm pretty sure the D3000 has it.) I brought my 5D along just for lightning shots when I visited my aunt in Somerville, OH on a vacation, but alas, there were no...
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    Loram Rail Grinder June 11 2011

    No problem! I love MOW equipment, rail grinding is the most fun to watch. I've got another video that I'll upload further down the line sometime this weekend.
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    Loram Rail Grinder June 11 2011

    All hand held with a Canon Vixia HF S200. Video Here.
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    New Canon Cameras

    Ehh, so do I but money is not falling from the sky.... yet.
  9. Railgeek

    New Canon Cameras

    The EOS 1100D (T3) and the EOS 600D (T3i) have been announced by Canon today: DPReview has a preview on both of them below: Canon 1100D (T3) Canon 600D (T3i) They have also announced the 320EX and 270EX II external flashes for the EOS system. Here. Sadly, no 5D Mark III or 1Ds...
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    Tracks in the Snow 2011

    Thanks Ross and Will. Yeah, the radio clip was the second half of a funny conversation between the engineer and conductor. The pan was hard to do, barely hearing the train over the rushing waters of the falls.
  11. Railgeek

    Tracks in the Snow 2011 Here's the video I put together for the event. First time editing in Sony Vegas, and first time doing a "serious railfanning film." Let me know what you think of it.
  12. Railgeek

    Full Frame Of Mind

    Don't get your feet in the shot with your 17-40! It's happened to me before. Good luck with the new camera, hope to see some videos from you soon!
  13. Railgeek

    Comment by 'Railgeek' in media 'Mid Train Overview'

    Hey Joel, how did you get this shot? (ie) did you hike all the way up that hill?
  14. Railgeek

    Comment by 'Railgeek' in media 'Mount Rainer'

    Actually Zach, this was taken with the 10D, one of it's last 100 shots. :)
  15. Mount Rainer

    Mount Rainer

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