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  1. upy 1040 web.jpg

    upy 1040 web.jpg

    Switcher Milwaukee Jones Island 2010
  2. pporro

    Does anyone know where this walkover is?

    Real Photo Postcard. There appears to be a name on the shop or garage in the back. Two tracks wide? Makes me wonder why they would block off a crossing, then build the walk over? I remember in Janesville, WI at the GM plant, they had something like this in the parking lot, because trains could...
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    NEW UP ES44AC Locomotives iding at Erie, PA. 2-14-09.

    Maybe no need for confusing but I was? :confused: Thanks for making it clear. So the first 365 were repaints, since then only new. And when any of the above get a re-paint, they won't get a flag. Right? I want to start collecting photos of the locomotives and tracking which numbers have...
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    NEW UP ES44AC Locomotives iding at Erie, PA. 2-14-09.

    It seems there are conflicting accounts of whether they are adding them only to new units or on re-paints or if they add them at all now? Or is it just specific models from some Mfgs? That's the question. So are you saying, UP new units have the design and re-paints will not? It's more...
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    Winter Sunlight Problems

    Maybe so, but if you look at the shadow area when you bring up an under exposed photo, it starts to get artifacts and speckles. I set my camera +1/3rd all the time, and bring things down, for blacker blacks and better contrast. I'd guess that means I'm more at risk for blown out highlights and...
  6. pporro

    night photos

    What everyone else said, but I want to accent the Manual exposure or fixed settings control. All of your sample images had the headlights telling the camera, "I'm in bright light" and the train is nothing but a dark shadow. Even in the daylight a car or train headlight can ruin the exposure...
  7. pporro

    "Exempt" Signs...Should They Be Mandatory?

    It's the law that they stop, so the signs should be mandatory notification. Knowing a crossing has no rails up to it, doesn't change the legal requirements, the sign does. Now I need to add. It's logically worse to have a vehicle come to a complete stop and then start up again at a crossing...
  8. pporro

    NEW UP ES44AC Locomotives iding at Erie, PA. 2-14-09.

    Interesting, an article I read said they did the flags and flares (Building America) for about a year after 9-11 and painted (in round numbers) 365 locomotives that way. "UP stopped applying the flag decals and Building America slogan on repainted units in about August or September 2002...
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    NaCl causes (o)T(o) to activate.

    Too bad, no article just the comments. If you can find the new link I'd rather read that, than people screaming "take out the trains" which is rather short sighted.
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    Gn x234

    Wow antlers and tomatoes, that was a revolutionary rail design! ;) Seems like there are cabooses (is that right or are they Cabboci) all over. I was doing some back-roading and found two. One was on a back street in a little town, the other at a factory near a junction in the NE Wisconsin...
  11. pporro

    Has technology really made the hobby (and your life) better?

    YES! Over 45 years of photography and it just keeps getting better. Not just stills. Motor drive 35mm SLR was like burning money. I remember double 8mm film, three minutes, no sound, expensive, not so impressive. Breaks and splices and burned film, projector bulbs... dark rooms and...
  12. pporro

    18 Trains in 6 Hours and not Rochelle IL but Wisconsin

    Thanks, nice to see what I'm missing. I'll have to get out there some day. For now I'll stick to chasing coal trains on the Shoreline. LOL
  13. pporro

    Sonrisa's New Empire Builder Guidebook

    Funny you should mention this, I just saw the thread about discontinuing timetables and guides. Now I'm confused? Amtrak's Empire Builder Route Map 64 pages, softcover, coil bound Should I assume it's the one you are writing about and this guide will continue to be published? If I "Head...
  14. pporro

    "Developing process"

    Yes, before you worry about how to edit, #1 learn about exposure: ISO, f-stops and shutter speed and how each one will effect the other and the overall image. If you expose properly, you can shoot JPEG and not go through all the tweaking and adjusting of shooting RAW. No in camera settings, do...
  15. pporro

    Very bad tracks, Minnesota Valley Railway

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