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    One Man Trains BNSF

    I have a hard time envisioning that without having some form of support close by. Just for discussion let's assume a bad order car about the 75th one in a 100 car coal drag and the engineer has to set it out. Stop train; walk back 75 cars; uncouple and set brakes on 1/3 of the remaining cars...
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    Storage and Backup

    Two external hard drives; one a small (two disk) RAID drive which is my primary backup, and one single disk drive that I keep in a (supposedly) fire resistant safe. No cloud storage for me. The external hard drives can't be hacked when they're turned off.
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    "Exempt" Signs...Should They Be Mandatory?

    No tracks on either side of the crossing means the RR should remove the warning signals and possibly the crossing itself. Just my humble.
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    Is it worth using film anymore?

    Just my opinion, but I prefer digital. With film you are stuck with it's ISO, but with digital you can change it at your desire. With film you are stuck with the bad shots you get back from the processor. With digital you simply delete the bad ones. Switched to digital in 04 and never...
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    When "long hood" forward, is engineer on wrong side?

    Long hood forward followed the logic of the mass of weight being forward on the steam engine offering more protection for the crew in the event of a collision. The same can be assumed for early diesels; the length of the locomotive and the weigh of the prime mover and related equipment offering...
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    Track Diamonds

    One way refers to the track crossing the mainline. That is the low speed side. The mainline has smooth rails.
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    Track Diamonds

    Not sure about older diamonds, but a couple years ago CN replaced the diamonds in Durand,MI with one way low speed diamonds (OWLS). Both the mainlines and the slow speed side have guardrails leading to and through them.
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    Working for Hulcher Does anybody?

    No personal experience, nor do I know any one who works for them. I would think they would be well paid considering they are basically a 'rapid response team', need a lot of experience with heavy equipment, and may have to work in hazmat situations. Just the work itself can be hazardous...
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    items on coal cars

    Let me know what you discover. If it's significant I will keep watch for them as CN cars pass through Michigan.
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    items on coal cars

    I don't think it's a common practice to stencil car numbers on the trucks. Ballast cars, though, do see a lot of rough service; and that may be the reason for doing so.
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    Comment by 'Norm Echtinaw' in media 'Bye bye, train!'

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