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    "Big Bang Theory" show mocking train fans... again

    Why is it seen as OK for anyone to ridicule anyone else? Those who make fun of people they do not understand only show how rude and unkind they (those who ridicule) are. I am not saying that all behaviors are OK -- just that making fun of another person is not OK.
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    Comment by 'MargaretSPfan' in media 'Foggy Night'

    Brian -- you are a superb photographer, and this photos are awesome. Please keep sharing your great photos here. wow.....
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    Welcome! Do you have any particular favorite railroad(s) or locomotive types you like? Are you a modeler? I myself love the former Southern Pacific RR, and like a number of different types of locomotives. I think my favorite steam locomotives are the Northerns: the big 4-8-4s. I have a...
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    BIG BOY UP 4018 Dallas, TX, MAY move to Frisco, TX May 15-16!

    According to the FaceBook page of the Museum of the American Railroad, the UP 4018 has begun his move to the museum's new site in Frisco, Texas. The huge locomotive has been moved from his long-time site just this past weekend, but MAY NOT be moved all the way to the Museum's new site in...
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    Paid graffiti

    Uggghh!! What a shame.....I know, I know....they need money, but, really -- those dadgummed ad-wraps make it VERY difficult for the passengers to see what is outside. CalTrain has done this, too, for a number of years, and I absolutely detest it.
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    New Guy from Minnesota

    A warm welcome from sunny California! Have fun with the 261 and the MTM! (I was a restoration crew member for the SP 2472 long ago -- it was fun! Now I watch via the computer. Health issues pushed me away from the wonderful 2472. BTW -- one of our active members was a steam-era fireman...
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    Hi There

    Welcome, Railgirl, from me here in California! (Nice to have another lady railfan on here! :) I absolutely detest PTC, from what I've read about it on another forum (by a signal engineer with a lot of experience.) I'm pretty sure you will have to be very careful what you say about PTC in a...
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    Wedding with Trains

    Congratulations!! Your bride is very understanding, it seems. Love your groom's cake! Great photos!
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    Welcome from Northern California! This is a great site -- post pics, ask questions, etc. Love to see your photos!
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    Foggy Morning

    Mmmm....lovely shots! Nice mood they evoke. Thanks for sharing those photos here.
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    Greetings from Canada

    Hi, Roger! Welcome to one of the best railfan forums on the web -- from a fellow railfan (Northern CA).
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    Greetings from Germany

    Welcome from northern California! Another train driver -- neat! Look forward to your posts.
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    Welcome to this fine forum from California!
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    UP 844 w/UP 150th Anniv. Train @ Waskom, TX 10/22/2012

    Nice video! I LOVE that locomotive! :) SO glad you finally got to see and videotape "the Living Legend". :)
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    New from Alaska

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