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    Railfanning Tacoma, Pioneer, and Stielacoom with friends

    An old friend came back to visit and the "crew" got together to do a little railfanning. Haven't been out for quite a while. Motivated me to change that.
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    Snoqualmie Tunnel reopens

    Went through once a long time ago coming back from my first trip to Montana. I didn't have a flashlight just a lantern, so I went without. I started by riding my bike, but I couldn't see anything but the other end of the tunnel and about 3 feet in front of me. I would hear water dripping and...
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    Mt Rainier Scenic RR in Tacoma 6/2 and 6/3

    Great news guys. Wish I could be here this weekend. Hey Tom get some shots for me too. Don't play it off, you know you love clearing trees and stuff. Should call you Paul Bunyan you've taken out so many trees. ;-)
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    Wellington Video

    Thankyou for the post. Back when I was in school, I checked Ruby Hult's book, Northwest Disaster, out so much the librarian thought of giving it to me. When I got off active duty after Desert Storm, I moved to Everett and spent a lot of time up in the Wellington area before the trail and...
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    North Coast Limited Video April 1968

    Steve, Watched the video again, here are a few observations: - 00:44 is just south of Solo Point (,-122.638004&spn=0.002065,0.00375&sll=47.10533,-122.79762&sspn=0.264531,0.479965&vpsrc=6&hnear=DuPont,+Pierce,+Washington&t=h&z=18 )...
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    North Coast Limited Video April 1968

    Exellent videos. Thanks for sharing. I'm a big NP fan, so it was nice to see operations from back in those days. By the way, I could ID quite a few of your numbered locations in the Centralia to Vancouver video. Some of it seems out of order though, like the area near Woodland showing up...
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    Congratulations to Local Photographer

    Just wanted to congratulate northwest photographer and RR Forums member, Robert W. Scott, for his full-page spread in the latest Trains Mag. Great shot buddy. - Ken
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    Polson #70 at Mt Rainier -- When is first expected excursion?

    Thanks for the info and the invite. Unfortunately, as usual, the Air Force has me for all three days this weekend and Monday too. Like I said, I don't know what I'm going to be able to swing until I retire from the Big Blue. I'm glad to see a good turnout up there, though.
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    Polson #70 at Mt Rainier -- When is first expected excursion?

    Kind of unrelated, but I was wondering if you guys ever run past Mineral anymore and if so do you run as far as Morton? Hoping to get my "foamer" wife and daughter out there this year. Also, would appreciate volunteer info for when I am done with the Air Force at the beginning of next year. Not...
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    Comment by 'Jackrabbit' in media 'BNSF #1573 SD-40-2R'

    Saw this fellow working Dupont, WA. not too long ago but of course the day my camera was on our office desk. Interesting unit.
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    Blacklands Railroad Shortline of the year. Railway Age Magazine.

    Seems to me that some Class 1's need to go work for a short line for a while to learn about efficiency and customer service. Thanks for helping to carry our country out of this economic hole through your hard work.
  12. Mobase Local at Sunset

    Mobase Local at Sunset

    The days get short by late November (2009) in Roy, WA. If the Mobase Local crew doesn't hurry they'll be switching the Wilcox Feed Mill in the dark.
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    TacomaRail in Olympia

    I don't know the current schedule as it has been a while since I photographed the local. East of Easton may have better info on that. As for some of your other questions, I have notice the occasional heavy load taken into the substation at Trosper Rd and some loads to the Advanced drainage...
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    Bridge Piers in Spokane Valley, WA

    What threw me initially is that your first picture is oriented facing south and the second is facing north. Once I got my bering, I think I can unravel it for you. If you follow the old unused track that curves northward and served the businesses north of E. Trent Ave. and west of the river you...
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    Railroad Cafe...

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