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  1. grizz1213

    So many UP paint schemes!!

    Yea, UP used to really beat the $h*t out of their power. CP is just as bad. But when u got several thousand engines running around out there its kinda hard to keep them looking nice.
  2. grizz1213

    UP Abolishing Cab Signal Rule?

    Well, BN and now BNSF can do w/out cab signals. And they have a a $h*t ton of metras. I was always told it was because it was of CN&W's poor dispatching. (All my info came from a UP/ex CNW engineer) If they did eliminate this rule that would be great, then Rochelle would actually be worth...
  3. grizz1213

    UP Abolishing Cab Signal Rule?

    Ive been told that UP finally wants to get rid of the cab signal rule on the Geneva sub. Main reason is because theyre getting sick of putting their own power in front of Amtrak and we all know that amtrak detours on that line about every other week:p Once again this is only what ive heard...
  4. grizz1213

    Locomotive ID

    I agree rrpicturearchives is the best! Everytime I want to find out what something is I look it up on that site.
  5. grizz1213

    AMTRAK 40th Anniversary Filming in Pacific Northwest

    Finally we'll have a different AMTK scheme. Now that we get an old scheme back maybe the mail cars and roadrailers are next:P jk
  6. BNSF 8185

    BNSF 8185

    BN(SF) 8185 sits alone in the Galesburg train yard. I'm guessing its dead and is either in storage or waiting to be stored. I really wish theyd leave my BN White Faces alone.
  7. BNSF 4712

    BNSF 4712

    G GFDMAD makes its way off the Peavine during a December snow storm.
  8. grizz1213

    Comment by 'grizz1213' in media 'BN 172'

    Wow. All loco's should look just like him.
  9. grizz1213

    Comment by 'grizz1213' in media 'New Gevo leads the way'

    Looks like the H GALLIN (Galesburg to Lincoln)
  10. grizz1213

    Comment by 'grizz1213' in media 'Southbound Local at Excell'

    Shouldn't 6363 be renumbered? Any way I love the 1st and 3rd motor. The middle one is good just not as good lol.
  11. grizz1213

    Comment by 'grizz1213' in media 'Edmonds M.P.-18'

    Nice BN Geep. BN was the best!
  12. grizz1213

    Comment by 'grizz1213' in media '8701'

    what was up with this?
  13. grizz1213

    Comment by 'grizz1213' in media 'IC 6100'

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