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    SVI (E&N) Parksville Turn - May 3, 2013

    Awesome thread! Sure wished I had taken the last Malahat a few years ago while it was still running. How far south is the E&N going now? Will anything ever get to the 'table in Vic again?
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    Windmill train in Seattle?

    Using tank cars now as idlers?!! Wow...last time I was there they were stillusing the cabeese and a covered hopper. Are the Mopac and UP crummies gone now, or just not being used? TIA, Tony
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    ALCO Museum

    Yeah, that's good to see. My visit to Schnectady was brief back in 1999. Forlorn and abandoned, but fortunately was still there. Seeing the signals they had located inside the plant trackage was a blast, shows how busy it was at one time!
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    Weyerhaeuser loco's headed to Chicago

    Saw 308 on a eastbound manifest that was sitting at Boeing Field. That was yesterday afternoon.
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    CP Consist southbound on B'Ham Sub

    Martin, did you notice how many of the cars were very recently redone with AEX reporting marks? Seemed like there was very few actual BNSF cars in it. Are we going to see more of these CP units on the front?
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    Comment by 'espee4441' in media 'all CP power'

    Great catch! I saw the returning power headed south on Sunday as it crossed the border. I didn't know this was a variant of the Rupert trains, I thought they might have been a CP detour, and with only three units now vs. mostly four when CN ran 'em, these things must have a hard time getting up...
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    NS Buying UP SD60's

    Great information to have. Thanks for posting it. I personally like the SD60, and seein the NS versions show up here in Seattle every now and then is a real treat. Now I can only hope to see one of the ex UP units make it back to Argo Yard again.
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    Ferromex on the BNSF

    Got to see a coal train headed to Roberts Bank last week. A Grinstein SD70MAC was on the point followed by a FXE Gevo. Blew my socks off only because I was literally on the border waiting in line at Blaine. Wished I had the camera ready to get a FXE unit rolling north into Deltaport.....I've...
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    Swafford’s imagination at you think GE ever make the ES55AC?

    Actually, the only eight axle locomotive in Brazil is the DDM45. All the others including the tunnel motors ride on four axle trucks, with two per end. I like the ES58ACi, look up some of the videos on YT, they're a blast top watch! As for eight axle American units, no way it won't...
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    Remember When...UP 1983

    Can't keep track of that GP38 fleet these days....wonder why. My favorite version of UP 1983 ( I think) is when they re-numbered and repainted a SP GP38-2. It worked Argo Yard for quite some time, trying to find my pic of it is nearly impossible. Circa 1999-2000.
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    BNSF rail thru Longview, Wa

    Visit nearby Kalama if you like unit trains. They have interesting mixes of power arrive. Plus the steel yard is just north of the grain terminal, neat to see all that iron on the ground!
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    Friday: The Manny's Last Day

    Since I'm a big Mexican railfan, I've photographed the SW1504s quite a few times south of the border, they are some of my all-time favorite units. I knew the MP15s (AC &DC) were built with Blombergs, but this is the first I've seen them using the "M" style. For years I've watched SP MP15ACs in...
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    BNSF Investigating Tampering of Rail Lines in Southwest WA

    Simple enough, Dave. Either both sides get the blame for their vicious acts, or it all goes unnoticed. I'm not trying to start anything here, just trying to show that all sides do stupid, self-centered maneuvers in their quest to get or keep what they think is theirs. BNSF and its predecessors...
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    Friday: The Manny's Last Day

    I looked at all your threads on this, thank you for taking the time to get such great pictures. The trucks on the MP15s, were they added after the fact, or built by EMD this way? Its the first time I've seen dash-2 trucks underneath a switcher.
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    BNSF Investigating Tampering of Rail Lines in Southwest WA

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