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    New guy

    Welcome! Hope you post some pics soon!
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    Railroad Bridges

    I am working in Cleveland and saw this a few days ago
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    NS Danville Sub

    Barely got this NS Heritage unit 8114 in Nicholasville, KY this afternoon; still looks good to be almost 10 years old, (built 3/12)
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    Comment by 'EMDGP30' in media 'GMTX 3306 at Arlington-01.jpg'

    Built 3/78 as UP 3415; became LTEX 3415, then PRLX 3415
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    Comment by 'EMDGP30' in media 'Westbound Garbage Train'

    BNSF 1469 was built 3/91 as BN 9292, became BNSF 9292 before being renumbered BNSF 8192
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    NS CNO&TP Sub

    Northbound om Main 1 approaching Glen Mary, TN
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    NS CNO&TP Sub

    Got these today; northbound between Glen Mary and Robbins Another northbound crossing over from Main 1 to Main 2 at Glen Mary
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    NS CNO&TP Sub

    Northbound at Lancing, TN Northbound going through the Lancing crossovers Main 1 to Main 2 The slogan under the cab window reads DC to AC; in 2016 NS began converting DC units to AC. By 2021, NS will have converted 527 of its 1,200-unit fleet of DC-traction Dash 9s that were purchased between...
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    NS CNO&TP Sub

    This came through on a southbound at Lancing, TN early this mornng. The train was on Main 2 and was stopping at the crossovers at Lancing for a northbound; it wasn't moving nearly as fast as the blurred pic would indicate. I took this with a Iphone 8. USAX 1400
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    NS CNO&TP Sub

    Got this beauty late this afternoon northbound going through Oakdale, TN.
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    NS CNO&TP Sub

    Got these pics today This northbound grain train went in the siding at South Rockwood... meet this southbound.
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    NS CNO&TP Sub

    Started working on NS Tuesday and was able to get a few pics Northbound doublestack at Roddy,TN Northbound general manifest pulling into the siding at South Rockwood. Northbound in the siding at Rockwood, TN waiting on a southbound Southbound at Rockwood,TN
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    CSX Columbus Subdivision

    Loaded westbound coal train coming through Upper Sandusky, Ohio
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    CSX Columbus Subdivision

    blt 1/44 as USA 8538
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    CSX Columbus Subdivision

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