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    Steam loco job with National Park Service

    Ok, I admit I learned about this on another forum. But no harm in sharing it with another audience. Looks like there's a job vacancy as a steam locomotive mechanic with the US National Parks at Promontory, UT. I've never been to Promontory before, but according their website the steam...
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    Give me noise!!

    Definitely an oldie (circa 1930) :) (Jimmie the singing brakeman sings "Waiting for a train") Edit: But I prefer his "Mule Skinner Blues".
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    Articulated Valve Gear Question

    Being a novice, I am trying to understand this question a little better for my own edification. On an articulated locomotive, each "engine" is independent, and they are not synchronized (as Bob said). And each cylinder had its own valve gear. That much I understand. So do I understand that...
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    Comment by 'Eastsider' in media 'WWV Crosses Mojonnier Creek'

    Nice photo. This loco would be a museum piece today. I hope the rumors are correct, and it is surviving in Helena.
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    Comment by 'Eastsider' in media 'Orca departs Edmonds'

    Good capture. Do you use filters when shooting under artficial lights? The depot light looks good -- looks very white.
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    Comment by 'Eastsider' in media 'Old Bridge, Old Car'

    The rain clouds under the arch add a lot to the pic.
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    Comment by 'Eastsider' in media '16 Mile Creek Crossings'

    Never seen this angle used in a Lombard photo before. I like this one.
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    Comment by 'Eastsider' in media 'Steve's down-under train shots'

    As BNSFrailfan would say, that looks so real! (Friendly jab :))
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    Comment by 'Eastsider' in media 'New Stampede from Back in the Day'

    I wonder how many of these engines are equipped with dynamic breaking? I notice that the last two are not.
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    Comment by 'Eastsider' in media 'Snow Plow'

    We plow deep while others sleep.
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    Comment by 'Eastsider' in media 'vintage BN'

    Hey, neat. I also made a photo of the 1753 at Yardley four years after you did. There were a bunch of geeps in storage at that time, including, 1839, 1864, 1744, and others that I didn't photograph.
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    Comment by 'Eastsider' in media 'MILW, Othello WA, after shutdown'

    Bruce: It's great you were able to make one last visit to see the CMStP&P right at the end. It's also generous of you to post your photos here. Thanks! I like your photo above because you got up close to this locomotive and captured all of its details. Too many photographers think...
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    Comment by 'Eastsider' in media 'Throttle Up'

    Thanks for posting. I visited the S&NC a few times but never was fortunate enough to catch it operating.
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    Comment by 'Eastsider' in media 'CB&Q F3 116D, Clyde IL, March 26, 1966, photo by Chuck Zeiler'

    Wow! Outstanding photo and write-up. You reminded me of the excitement I used to feel as a 16-year-old on the few occassions railroaders gave me access to interesting places.
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    Comment by 'Eastsider' in media '2436_santa_fe'

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