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    Amtrak Cascade Derailment at Dupont, WA

    Here is the Regulation on it.
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    Amtrak Cascade Derailment at Dupont, WA

    Having 7-10 trips observing the line, and then 3 trips actually operating is quite the qualifying runs. More than a freight engineer would typically get on a route they weren't qualified on. Not sure what a road foreman would have added as it's not like the road foreman had operated over...
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    Commuter rail transit in charleston, sc.

    Go to a board meeting for CARTA and fill out a public speaker slip and speak at the board meeting. Make sure you have a prepared statement as you'll only a few minutes to speak, typically 3 minutes, which will go by fast. Rail is...
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    I-ETMS Question - Please help

    I-ETMS monitors the throttle position. I-ETMS' only response/control it to place a train into penalty brake, or under some cases emergency braking.
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    Question Re Train Operation During Local Construction

    Also anytime a train sees roadway workers (crews in orange vests) they train is required by federal law to blow it's horn to alert the roadway workers. I agree there is a Form B at this location due to the work, but just seeing the roadway workers is reason to blow the horn.
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    Railroad Watch Question

    Does he want you to have a wrist watch? Any watch that has a second hand should be fine. I've never heard of the requirement for a sweeping second hand, just needs a second hand. Back in the day you use to need to have a 'railroad watch' which were expensive and needed to be checked out...
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    Hazardous Cargo! BNSF 4229 in Seattle This is the book all the railroaders carry. There is a PDF which is 400 pages and an iPhone app.
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    US&S H-2 Searchlight Signal Question

    The issue is that hoods and backgrounds get repainted all the time by the maintainers, and they just use the paint they can get their hands on from either buying it themselves at the store, or a foreman/supervisor buying paint. And most if not all of that paint is just bought at the hardware...
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    Amtrak 6 in Daylight. May 6, 2016

    The electric loco is ACS-64 #670 which is the last ACS-64 of the order from Siemens, built in Sacramento. The special cars are were for Joe Boardman, who rode out there for that last delivery. They did a special event at the California Railroad Museum. Funny that when that train went...
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    Mother's Day May 8, 2016

    It's Herzog's RUM, which is the Rail Unloading Machine. It helps thread the rail off the back of rail trains along the right of way.
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    Question about Electric Locomotives

    I can tell you in NYC going into GCT on a diesel train the gaps in the 3rd rail (they have to run electric in the tunnels) were designed for when they ran 2 units so that at least one unit would have power at a time, but now that they run a single unit the train coasts between the gaps, and...
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    Slug Fest

    Slugs are typically used in yards, so range isn't a problem. Also if there was a fuel tank on the slug, there would need to be a method to get the fuel from the slug to the locomotive, which isn't something you want connected via a hose between the trains. What if the train brakes a knuckle...
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    SD40-2 Locomotives and Cabooses in 2016

    If you notice, the doors are welded shut. These are purely shoving platforms for the trainmen to stand and have a place to control the air (i.e. dump the air in case of an emergency).
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    what do track lights tell

    Here are the CSX Signal Rule from the web.
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    what do track lights tell

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