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    Hello Members need list of al least three one solution top railroad/locomotive manufacturers in the USA

    Sounds like you need a contractor, not a locomotive builder. For example: Bruce
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    Mystery Engine

    Maybe KLWX 1998: And And about halfway down this page for a larger photo with caption: Bruce
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    Alco-GE Builders plate #73339 April 1945

    New York Central Alco S-1 switcher. Bruce
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    Historical Train Derailment Questions

    The new ties have been placed as part of the rerailing process. See the center column on this newspaper. Bruce
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    Photo posted is probably not a permanent tank car like some. Maybe posed for photo, or delivering to a bulk distributor, who also has a gas station. Trestle is too long for just a display. Tankar station in the link is obviously built-in. Map location. Original photo, if you want to zoom...
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    Please help Identify this locomotive and possible location

    Looks like 8012 was built in 1942 as Atlanta & St Andrews Bay Railroad 903, then requisitioned by the Army and trucks converted, sent to Iran, then sent back to US after the war for service on a military base somewhere.
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    CP Rail Agrees to Buy Kansas City Southern Bruce
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    Metro - King of the Rail (By Echo Toys Ltd) 23pcs

    Here are Echo train sets on Bruce
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    Need help identifying locomotive

    That's a French 2-6-0T from Puerto Rico, now sent back to France and operating on a tourist railroad. Bruce
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    Help with identification. Old sign/marking Bruce
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    Loco Wreck in Mississippi in late 1950s

    Around here you are more likely to get no answer, if it is not known, instead of dozens of people posting "I don't know." You could try contacting the people on this website: Bruce
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    Train i d

    Pan Am railway is blue and operates in Maine. Bruce
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    What was the purpose of this chimney looking thing in this swinging bridge photo?

    I suspect it had the controls so the bridge tender could open and close the bridge from the bank. Maybe a concrete conduit from the bank to the center, with electrical cables inside. Probably a small building on top, or only a control cabinet, accessible from the missing trestle. Bruce
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    What is this?

    Looks like a small form of pillow lava, maybe used as ballast. Or pāhoehoe: Bruce
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