Where is the Omaha Posse?

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Great pics Ed. We took HWY 30 home from Denver last month but didn't see many trains.
Thanks Tom. Going out Thursday traffic was sparse. It was so-so Friday and Saturday, I ventured out to Sutherland yesterday and saw one train during the two hours I sat there. On the way home this morning I caught about 6-8 westbounds and only 1 eastbound that I caught up with at Kearney.
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Yes, it's a bit early. It was a heavy wet snow, up to 3-1/2 inches in some places. Many trees had broken branches that cut power in large areas of the city. Today the sun is bright and it will be 45 deg. I'll go take some pictures after a bit. Trees should really change color this week after the hard freeze last night.

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I was TDY in Denver for two weeks in mid-late October back in the late 90's. It was sunny and warm when we arrived, but a few days later a blizzard swept through the state. It snowed non-stop for 36 hours, burying the entire state of Colorado in about three feet of snow. A few days later it all melted and looked as though nothing had happened.

I bring it up because when the storm moved east, it broke many tree branches in Omaha as the leaves had not yet fallen.
Red maple trees are perfect. Others not ready yet. Here are some from Pacific Junction this evening. Was hoping for westbounds in the sunset but got eastbounds. Oh well. One EB after the sun was down a bit. Note Red Maple behind white house.


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