Where is the Omaha Posse?

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Bill Anderson

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You know who you are. :mad:

I miss your photos of the rail action in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area and hope to see more photos from you in 2015. :cool:
I don't know about the rest of posse but I am hiding in the warmth. UP was really quiet because of a derailment in North Bend. And then there was a bunch of family stuff last week. It is supposed to get up in the high 20's today and then snow a bit. I was hoping for more snow for photo ops, but we only got an inch. So hopefully we can catch up and make up for our lackidasical cold weather attitude. Tom
As we speak, or write, One of the two remaining CNW engines is tied down at East Calif. Jct. on a westbound manifest. Leading to boot. So close (to Omaha) but yet so far.
The layout of the industrial area we are in would make a great model railroad. There are 10 or so industries spread out over a square mile. And on the west end is the power plant that gets 100 car coal trains. Sometimes the train even goes north on the old Omaha Road tracks, now abandoned at Florence.
Congratulations and thanks to both of you for service to our country, I finally had some time to get out today and catch a few.

BNSF502_032215.jpg B-B Truck Warbonnet

BNSF520_smoke_032215.jpg I swung around to photo the 773 and the 520 started up. Just caught a little of the smoke

BNSF_CBIA Yard_032215.jpg Over view of power in the yard

BNSF773_032215.jpg C-C truck Warbonnet
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Later in the day I stopped by the IAIS yard and saw the 713 in pieces and the 714 on the north end of the yard shoving into the old Milw yard

IAIS713_b_032215.jpg 1 Piece

IAIS714_032215.jpg Shoving Back

IAIS713_032215.jpg Another Piece
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And some clean up from earlier this month. I walked up the old UP, the original route of the transcontinental RR south of Millard, NE and north of Portal where the MP crossed. The last shot is looking north at the CB&Q(BNSF) bridge. I'll get closer later when the persons unknown are not under the bridge




UP4397_031415.jpg Along the MP in Bellevue,NE
Brad, I forgot to answer your question. MUD gets cars 2 or 3 times a year as near as I can tell. It is probably more. I will have the guy that is out with the UP when they set cars at my employer ask the train crew about that. They already think he is crazy for asking if they still kick cars in the north yard in the morning. Which they do. Why? So I can record the noise, er sound. Tom. P.S. Anybody want me to post some switching sounds?

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